Monday, June 10, 2013

About My Mom

A few years ago, my mom moved into a not-so-awesome area, but the price was right for her retiree income so she took the opportunity.  She recently made friends with some of her neighbors.  On one hand, I'm ecstatic she has people nearby to visit with regularly.  The thought of her sitting at home all by herself, day after day, eats at me.  On the other hand, her options out there are limited.

She was telling me about how she gets her grandma fix by playing with one of her neighbor's babies.  I then asked if it's the baby with the schizo mom.  The funny part is I'm not exaggerating.  The woman has actually been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is supposed to be medicated.  She doesn't take her medication though, because she doesn't think she needs it.  Even though she thinks aliens are trying to get her...

Anyhoo, my mom's response to my question about the schizo mom was priceless:

That's legit, folks.