Monday, April 30, 2012

Trying to Rest

I'm so glad Travis' on-call week is over.  He had to go out on calls three out of the seven days.  Not too bad.  Sometimes I get irritated because WHY CAN'T THE LIGHTS IN YOUR SUN ROOM WAIT UNTIL MONDAY, but then I realize people probably don't understand Travis' side of things.  Plus it's extra cash in the pocket.

I had a nice weekend.  While Travis was at work Saturday morning, Aiden and I went grocery shopping.  That evening we had a few friends from my work over for dinner.  They all have kids, so it was nice to sit back and let them run rampant.  I wasn't up for catering, so I just ordered a few pizzas.  I found a recipe for a dessert on Pinterest that looked AMAZING, so I did make that in the afternoon before anyone showed up.  Travis got called out that night, so I was bummed he didn't have more time to get to know my co-workers a little better.

I'm feeling pretty huge these days.  Not just because of the belly.  I'm at +29 lbs (eek) now and the swelling has permanently set in.  It used to come and go, but now it's around all the time.  I can still fit my sandals though, which is more than I can say about the last go around.  I hate not fitting my wedding rings though.  My hand feels naked. 

Sunday was fabulous.  It didn't start off great.  Aiden woke at 5:20.  I let him lay in our bed, but all he did was wiggle for an hour before I made him go back to his room.  He came back at 7 when he is allowed to get up.  I plopped him in bed with us, turned on a DVD and fell asleep until 8:30.  That was pretty magical.  I made breakfast, but Aiden didn't want it.  He just wanted to lay in bed and keep watching TV, so I sat in front of the living room TV with my breakfast and vegged out for another hour.  At that point, we worked our way out to the yard so Aiden could play in the water.  I heated up leftovers and we ate lunch outside.  Travis bathed Aiden while I cleaned up the kitchen (bending over the tub is a little uncomfortable these days).

While Aiden was napping, I watched a show on TV and eventually fell asleep.  Apparently Travis fell asleep too because we didn't wake up until 4:30.  Aiden slept for three hours!  EEK.  He usually sleeps two.  Thankfully he didn't have trouble falling asleep that evening.  We originally made plans to go buy plants that afternoon with a Groupon I got a few months ago, but then Travis got an itch to go play disc golf.  He left and I turned on Toy Story for Aiden.  I made a casserole for dinner.  Right when I was getting Aiden ready for bed, Travis got home saying he had to run out on a call.  I was grateful Aiden went down without a fight.

I watched a couple more shows off the DVR before heading to bed.  Travis got home just before 11 pm.  I was still awake from all the resting I did that day.  Up until this point, I have felt too guilty to have the TV on this much.  I have officially moved into the I-don't-give-a-$h!t category.  I am exhausted.  Aiden turns into a zombie when the TV is on.  What more can a gigantically pregnant girl ask for?

Friday, April 27, 2012

37 Weeks

I guess I'm ready to have the baby.  Lately I have found everything to be irritating.  I have no patience.  I can't stand Aiden's whining.  I want to lock Travis in the closet when he starts in on his usual rib jabbing (stuff that usually makes me chuckle).  I would like to throw all my pillows in an incinerator for being so difficult.  I wish I had a brace from the ceiling to hold my belly while I roll over in bed at night.  The muscles on my sides pull so badly Every. Time. 

On top of this I have a few nagging physical issues going on.  My neck has really started to bother me this week.  No headaches, just dull, nagging discomfort.  I've either got a cold or allergies causing some serious sinus pressure.  There are moments when I can't breathe out of my nose at all.  I can barely eat anything without feeling like I am going to suffocate.  There just isn't room in me for a stomach AND my lungs.  Couple that with the stuffed nose and I breathe louder than a 400-pound asthmatic who just climbed Uxmal.

I had my weekly OB appointment yesterday.  I am showing no signs of labor.  I fully expect to be induced at 41 weeks again, so this was not a surprise to me.  Although I think I will be officially disappointed starting at my 38-week appointment when there is no progress.

The only thing keeping me going these days are breaks to laugh at jokes and pictures of adorable kittens on websites like this.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jenn and Jeff

Saturday night Travis and I went to my friend's wedding.  The ceremony and reception were held at her parents' house not to far from ours.  We got a sitter for Aiden and had five hours of adult time.  The wedding was beautiful and very personal.  I thought they did a great job.  The weather was perfect.  I was reminded of our wedding on private property.  Though it was insanely windy and no one could hear the pastor.  Ha.

We were sat at a table with some mutual friends from my work.  I also got to meet her boss, who is a big name at work.  That was interesting. 

The food was great - catered by Texas Roadhouse (where they met) and there were a thousand different cake balls to choose from.  I had the red velvet to reminisce about our wedding cake.  They had an open bar with various Anheuser-Busch products.  I believe Jenn's dad works there, so he had to represent.  We didn't stay late - left at 10 because I knew I wouldn't be able to stay awake much later than that. 

Again with the sideways photos.  I am sorry.  Some day I'll find time to do this on a different computer.  I forgot to bring my computer, so all the photos are from my phone.

The bride was BEAUTIFUL, though I am annoyed I didn't get any close shots.

Our table centerpiece.
The wedding colors were white and purple.  They had purple lights in the big white tent that made all my photos turn out with a purple tint. 

Cake balls, courtesy of the Matron of Honor

Groom's cake

Coozies came with the beers

36 weeks and still going strong

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shopping Day

My boys
Friday was picture day at the daycare.  I actually got Aiden to wear a button up shirt.  He usually throws a fit, but he did it for Picture Day.  Friday night we ordered a pizza and watched the first Harry Potter movie.  Aiden was enthralled.  Travis was exhausted.

I think we got the bulk of our shopping done for Mila this weekend.  I would still like to get a new baby monitor (our original one was an old hand-me-down that's not doing so hot), some containers for storing baby/kid items and I have been buying a pack of diapers every time I go to the store.

Travis went shopping with me Sunday morning.  It was nice to have the help with Aiden and the cart.  Plus, we were able to take care of some heavy stuff that I haven't been able to take care of yet.  For example, at Christmas he got a basketball hoop from Travis' old boss.  Since he already had one, we exchanged it for a motorcycle that I have been eyeing for months.  We let Aiden choose which item he got.  There was no hesitation once he saw that motorcycle.

Aiden played dress up in Target while I looked for new sunglasses.

Could this store be more fun?
After Target we went to Babies R Us for everything we couldn't find at Target.  I've never been so disappointed with a trip to that store.  At BRU we got a going home (from the hospital) outfit for Mila, a Big Brother shirt and book for Aiden and a few other random items.  It was so fun shopping for baby stuff again.  I tried looking for an outfit for Mila at Dillard's, but good Lord is that stuff gawdy.  It was all too much for me.  I'm pretty sure they have a three-bow minimum for baby girl clothes.

BRU got a new ride with Aiden's favorite character

Aiden LOVES his new motorcycle.  He asked for it all day Sunday, but sadly we did not have time for it.  When we got home Monday evening, he played on it for a good hour.  It cracks me up because he's started being more imaginative with his toys.  The other day he got off his "4-wheeler" and started acting like he was taking stuff off it.  I asked what he was doing and he said he didn't want to leave his cups in the car.  Then Monday when he got off his motorcycle (he always parks his vehicles by the back door when we go in) he started pushing "buttons" and making noises.  I guess he was setting the bike alarm. 

I love having some daylight left when we get home at the end of the day.  I went grocery shopping Monday night so we ate sandwiches in the car.  I gave Aiden some yogurt when we got home, which he enjoyed outside while I brought the groceries inside.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hail Storm

Friday evening was a bit rough on our house.  A really bad storm came through and ate up all the plant life.  Oh and our gutters.  Yay for being a home owner!  Actually, it is usually a great experience, but then something like this comes along and ruins my day.  It won't be an expensive repair since we have plastic gutters.  I'm more upset about the time to repair.  Travis will have to go to the store, get the materials and then take the time to cut them to fit, get the ladder out and put them up. 

Normally this wouldn't bother me very much but I'm feeling less and less productive lately.  Travis picked up the pace this weekend and really started to help me out around the house and with Mila preparations.  He is on-call at work this week and weekend, which means he won't be around very much as it is.  Meh, I guess that's life.

So, back to the storm!  I tried to leave work a little early Friday in hopes of missing the worst of the storm.  Sadly, it started raining on my walk out to the car.  It was only sprinkling, but the 60 mph winds made it feel like I was being stabbed by needles.  Walking is hard enough as it is, add head wind to that and life gets harder.  It was pouring by the time I reached Aiden's daycare.  I ran from my car to the building (killer on my lower back) and a mom was standing in the doorway with her two kids.

"Careful!" she said. 

Careful?  Because I might fall?  Or because the exercise might hurt me?  I feel horribly guilty all the time about my lack of physical activity.  I know several pregnant women who have exercised their entire pregnancy and they are just fine.  It just struck me as funny.

It was back to a sprinkle by the time I pulled off at our exit.  I had a flash back to after hurricane Ike when the trees were damaged.  There were so many green leaves strewn across the road that I couldn't tell where the road ended and yards began.  Travis got off early, so he was already home talking to our neighbor about the storm.  Aiden and I walked around the house assessing the damage.  All my large-leafed plants look like they were taken out by a shot gun.  I felt like with all the leaves and branches in our yard that there shouldn't be any left on the trees, but they actually don't look bad.  The only expense to us is replacing three gutter sections.  Though I don't think we'll be home free until we see how the roof handles the next rain.  It looks fine, but you never know.  Oh and the garage could use a fresh coat of paint.  Looks like someone went to town with a pellet gun on the siding.

Sorry in advance for the sideways/upside down photos.  I keep meaning to try loading them using another computer, but I either forget or don't have time.  So here they are if you're up for turning your head or flipping over your computer/phone.

Swiss cheese gutters

Everything was coated in green leaves

Aiden wanted to eat the hail.  I used to eat snow when I was little, but now that we live so close to a refinery, I said no.

Shot gun blasted

The culprits

Monday, April 23, 2012

Operation Fit Mila: Stage 4

We finally got the furniture organized in our bedroom.  The big dresser on the left is filled with our clothes and the little one on the right has PJ's, blankets and some onesies for Mila (for easy night time access).  We are planning to have Mila sleep in our room until she's sleeping through the night, just like Aiden did.  He was out of our room at 8 weeks because we had him on a specific feed/sleep schedule.  All I did was stop waking him to eat during that mid-night feed and he slept right through.  We have decided to not put Mila on a schedule and see how it goes.  I am deathly afraid.  I guess if all else fails we can put her on the schedule later.

This weekend we plan to put the crib together and I need to put away the last of Mila's things.  We'll probably wait a couple more weeks before we set up the travel crib in our room where she will sleep at night.  We'll probably use her crib for nap time like we did with Aiden.  I think it helped him get used to sleeping in that room, so the transition to bedtime in his own room was not quite so difficult. 

I am really excited about having that futon in our bedroom.  I use it every morning for putting on my shoes.  It's so much easier than my bed because my feet reach the floor better.  Travis is excited about it because sometimes when he can't sleep he goes out to the couch to watch TV.  Not because he is worried about waking me with the TV (I don't care if its on as long as its not loud), but because he is hot or annoyed with my tossing in bed.  He joked that now when he goes to sleep on the couch he doesn't even have to leave the room.  But he did emphasize he won't do that until we get a flat screen mounted on the wall up in that corner.  THAT will have to wait until we have gotten used to the financial addition of Mila.  HA.

Friday, April 20, 2012

36 Weeks

No basketballs here.
Only 4 weeks left!  Unless this pregnancy is anything like last time, then I have 5 weeks to go.  Blarg.  I am so tired.  I am tired of pelvic pain.  I'm tired of not being able to lay on my back.  I'm tired of waking up every time I roll over to readjust the four pillows I sleep with.  I'm tired of looking in the mirror and almost not recognizing myself because of the weight gain (I'm at +27 lbs).

I'm pretty sure this is why women are ever ready to have their babies.  They are so tired of being pregnant that they would do anything to get the baby out, including enduring the pain necessary to get there.  I'm also sure this is one way the body prepares you for having a baby that wakes up frequently through the night.  I already wake up at least twice and she's not even here yet! 

I have some more organization planned for this weekend to help make room for Mila.  But if she came today (as much as I want her to, I do hope she waits at least a couple more weeks), we would be ready.  We have everything necessary to take care of an infant. 

I had my regular OB appointment yesterday.  I'm measuring a few days larger than normal, but its nothing to be worried about.  The doctor confirmed what I thought - Mila is no longer breech!  Wahoo!  One less thing to stress about.

I have started to have some swelling in the past month.  It was so bad with Aiden that I had tree stumps for legs.  Thankfully, it's no where near that bad this time.  I can still wear my wedding rings most days and you can still see all the bones in my feet and ankles.  I tend to have swelling in my face and hands in the morning, then it moves to my feet by the end of the day.  It gets worse when I'm hot, but it's not so bad.

My current cravings include orange juice on ice and I'm still digging the cereal.  Aiden and I go through two boxes a week.  Travis doesn't eat cereal unless it's pure sugar.  For some reason I recently recalled drinking cup after cup of OJ when I was in the hospital after having Aiden.  It was fabulous on their crushed ice.  Mmmm... Since then I've taken to drinking at least one large glass of OJ on ice per day. 

The Charlie horses have begun.  I keep stretching in the middle of the night, only to be seized by the worst calf cramps imaginable.  Thankfully, I can generally feel them coming on and I immediately pull up my toes.  It doesn't hurt as bad if I hold my foot like that until the cramp passes. 

I have also noticed some serious skin sensitivity.  Anywhere there is a seam in my clothes DRIVES ME INSANE.  It's not so bad at the start of the day, but by the time I get home after work I just want to rip all my clothes off and wear just a sheet.  At night, the seams actually hurt whenever I lay on them.  When I wake up to roll over, I have to rub out the indentations they leave.  When I slept in the truck on the drive back from the Luck's, I noticed I had a similar sensation on the back of my head where it met the head rest.  So weird.

So.  28 days to go! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Freshly Addicted to Pinterest

I downloaded the Pinterest app onto my phone and now I can't get enough of it.  I don't know why I never found it interesting enough to sit at a computer and browse through.  But now that I can look through random stuff at random times, I love it!  The only problem is it has shown me tons of stuff I would like to make, but don't have the time or money to do.  Someday, right?  Here are a few examples:

Curtains for the guest bedroom; but I want mine in white, grey and yellow.
Simple baby quilt

I am really not a fan of giant headbands on babies.  (Why distract from the beauty of a baby?)  But I do LOVE these simple ones.  Click on the photo above to be linked to a How-To page.  They are functional (whenever Mila finally gets hair - I'm sure she'll be born bald) and they look comfortable.  I have a super sensitive head so I hate most headbands.  But I think even I would wear these.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This Seems Relevant

Redefining Terminology

A few months ago, a singer named Gotye was brought to my attention. He is from Australia and has some music that I really enjoy. You may have heard his most popular song in the US:

The new lab I work in is really big on playing music. It's a huge difference from previous labs I've worked in where most people frown on noise. The major difference here is that the majority of the lab is younger people and they are all American. It makes a difference, I promise.

Anyhoo, I've become an avid Pandora user in the past several months. Whenever I hear a new band, I type in their name in the Search engine and listen to their "station". It's a great way to get introduced to other bands I may not come across otherwise. Turns out my music of choice is Indie.  I've been listening to the Gotye station off and on for months now and I really like them. 

Yesterday I was driving to work listening to the radio (I am about to max out my data usage for the month on my phone so I wasn't using Pandora).  The morning show DJ I used to listen to every day came on after playing the Gotye song above.  He said he was sure they would be a one hit wonder.  I don't know why, but that statement really struck me wrong.  I love both of Gotye's albums.  Who is he to decide what music we like?  I almost felt like he was damning the singer in the area by not recommending anyone check out the rest of his albums.  Then he goes on to say lots of groups do good in other countries, but never take off in the US. 

But then I realized this guy does mainstream radio.  He's probably right in the sense that the rest of Gotye's music may not be popular on radio stations.  They play the same 20 songs over and over again, which doesn't leave much room for new music.  So I decided "one hit wonder" needs a new definition.  I think it needs to specifically relate to mainstream pop music.  Gotye is already popular in the US.  He has performed in many big name shows, selling some out to the point they need to be moved to larger venues. 


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Casa del Suerte

Oh what a wonderful weekend!  Our friends, the Luck's just bought their first home.  They planned a housewarming party for next weekend that we are unable to attend due to a prior engagement.  I really wanted to see the house, particularly before Mila is born, so we made the trek to Austin this past weekend. 

We originally wanted to leave Friday after work so we would have all day Saturday to hang out, but as the day approached, we realized that neither of us were capable of staying awake that late (it's a 3.5-hour drive).  So instead, we woke up and got on the road first thing Saturday morning.  We arrived right at lunch time.  Logan and JR were on their way back from Logan's teeball game, so Sara gave us the grand tour.  They had the home built almost to their specifications, but left a few details to change themselves in hopes of saving some money.  They were hoping to finish everything before we arrived, but ran out of time.  It was okay though because the place looks great!  I think they've done a great job with everything.

JR got home before we got to the second floor so he joined the tour.  After we had seen everything, we headed out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  Everyone partook in a few spirits.  I was very jealous of Travis and JR's beeritas.  I want to try one so bad.  It will have to wait a couple more months though.  I am sure if I drink one of those soon after having Mila I will be severely plastered with just one.  The food was good, and the kids entertained themselves with Aiden's toys.

After lunch we went back to their house and a couple of their friends came over.  The guys went off to play disk golf in the gale force winds while the ladies stayed behind with the kids.  At first I was annoyed at the prospect since I thought I would have Travis around to help me with Aiden.  I am just SO tired lately.  I have no energy.  But!  It turned out great because Aiden had Landry and Logan to play with - and all of Logan's toys.  In fact, that was such a relief all weekend.  I didn't have Aiden constantly hanging on my leg.  He always wants me to play with him, or he wants to show me something.  All of which I appreciate and I do not ignore, but sometimes it's nice to just sit.  Particularly when you are 30 lbs heavier than normal.  Yes 30 lbs.  I'm probably going to hit the 40 mark in the next month.  Poo.

One of Sara's friends has an 8-week old son.  He reminded me so much of Aiden.  He was so sweet.  It really made me look forward to having Mila.  Though things will be a little different this time: 1) We have a better idea of what we are doing.  2) We're having a girl this time, so the clothing situation will be different.  Ahhh!  I can't wait!!  Well, I'm not particularly looking forward to the birthing process, but the end result will be awesome, I'm sure.

For dinner, we went back out for Mexican food with everyone.  That meal turned out to be a little stressful.  Aiden didn't take a nap that day AND we left for dinner when Aiden would normally be going to bed for the night.  Sara, Landry, Aiden and I ended up leaving before everyone else.  I got Aiden to bed as soon as we got home and he passed out immediately.  Sara and I stayed up chatting until the guys got home.  Travis passed out immediately as well.

Sunday I slept until 7:15.  Travis and Aiden got up around 7:45.  I would have preferred to sleep later than that, but it was way better than getting up at 5.  Blech.  Travis and JR got us donuts and kolaches for breakfast, then we went to the playground.  After the kids had played on everything for a bit, we walked over to the community pool.  It was so nice.  I really appreciated having other kids around for Aiden to play with.  There was a kiddie pool that didn't get any deeper than a foot and a half, so I didn't have to get in and hold up Aiden the entire time.  The water WAS freezing though.  We eventually had to force the kids out because they were all turning purple.

For lunch we went to Steak 'n Shake - a favorite of mine from Illinois.  I ate SO much.  It's no wonder I've gained 8 lbs in the past two weeks.  It's just that I'm SO hungry ALL the time.  It never seems to go away!  I didn't have any trouble losing weight after Aiden, so I'm not horribly worried about it.  I'm just worried about not being able to get around because I've gained so much.  Meh.  Only five weeks left now.

We decided to just head home after lunch instead of sticking around for Aiden's nap.  Aiden and I slept for two hours on the drive home.  It was AMAZING.  I was exhausted after a weekend of doing nothing.  I guess I'm just tired all the time.  We got home just after 7, so we fed Aiden dinner and unpacked.  Aiden went right to sleep with only a couple hiccups.  Then we laid in bed and watched The Rum Diary.  I didn't really like it, but it was nice to finish the weekend with more relaxing.  A thunderstorm rolled in before we fell asleep and it persisted through the night.  I've started using a sound machine and the only one that helps put me to sleep is thunderstorms.  That means real thunderstorms = sleepiness. 
FABULOUS WEEKEND.  Thanks so much Sara and JR!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Sad Story

If you are from the area you might remember a story last April about a 4-year-old boy collapsing on his soccer league field.  He was dead before anyone could begin to revive him, though they tried.  Turned out he had a rare heat condition. 

The mother of this boy was my friend's son's teacher.  She immediately took her 9-month-old daughter in to get checked for the same condition.  Sadly, they found she did have it.  They put her on the waiting list for a heart transplant and began their wait.  When no heart was available by this January, they decided to put in a defibrillator in the event that her heart gave out as well.  There were complications and she died in March.

I do not generally like focusing on such sad stories, but this one in particular hit close to home - physically and emotionally.  I have a son who is not much younger than hers was when he passed, and we are about to add a daughter to our family as well.  It's such a horrible story.  I cannot imagine losing one child, let alone two within a year of each other.  No parent should have to endure that kind of loss. 

I was finally able to brave through her blog this past Friday.  My weekend was filled with lots of Aiden-hugs-and-kisses.  I definitely have had more patience for him since I got through that heartbreaking story.  If you are interested in reading more about her story, check out her blog:

Friday, April 13, 2012


That was definitely some drama.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Enjoying the Patio

We have had some nice weather lately, which is great because that means we really get to go out and enjoy the new patio!  I bought Aiden a bubble gun the other day.  It broke after a week, but I can't really expect much more out of a $3 toy...

A few bubbles here, a few bubbles there...

Blasting the BBQ pit lasted about 5 seconds before Daddy put a stop to it.

Aiden begged us to bring out his grill so he could make us food.
I'm really excited that our plants are starting to fill in for the year.  They get so sparse and ugly in the winter months.  Although I guess it's all better than going completely dormant like everything does in Illinois.  We already have giant dill plants and tons of peppers leftover in the veggie garden from last year.  There are even a couple tomato plants sprouting up on their own.  I guess that's what happens when you let a few fruits hit the ground.  We're not going to be able to make it to the nursery to purchase more plants for another couple weeks.  I'm hoping since we're getting them at a pre-grown status, it won't put us too far behind.  I'm crossing my fingers that everything grows better than it did in the drought last year!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cookies, Eggs, Candy, Ham...

Sunday was just as hectic, although I did find a total of 45 minutes to sit down.  As soon as I woke up, I started in the kitchen.  I wanted to make decorated cookies from scratch, but the dough is supposed to be refrigerated for at least two hours before using.  So the first thing I did was get that going and get the rolls out to start rising.  Then I baked an apple crisp for that afternoon.  After that was done, Aiden and I used Easter cookie cutters to cut out the dough.  I learned it is very important to follow the recommended 1/8" thickness.  Any thicker than that and the cookie looses it's precut shape.  We had an incident and had to throw away half of them.  Thankfully they were the blob ones.

By the time Aiden went down for his nap, the cookies were cool enough to decorate.  I did all but a few of them, which I left for Aiden to decorate after he woke up.  I got the ham in by 12:30 and worked on tidying up the house a bit and getting table settings out.  Travis spent the morning doing the yard and running to the convenience store.  I think Ariel and Robert showed up around 2:30 and they brought appetizers.  Soon after they arrived, our friend Mike got to our house.  We snacked for a bit and I got the casseroles in the oven.

After Aiden woke, he decorated those cookies and then went outside to play with a Crayola Color Explosion kit Ariel and Robert brought for him. 

When I was done in the kitchen, I came out with the kit for dying eggs.

The guys enjoyed some whiskey.  My dad got Travis on this kick when he was here last month.  Thanks DAD for that expensive venture.

Right before dinner at 5 another friend showed up.  As we were sitting down for the meal, I was worried there wouldn't be enough food.  I feel like there are usually way more platters set out.  I think I made just the right amount though.  There were leftovers, but not so much that I will be throwing anything out at the end of the week.  There was a lot of ham leftover, but I made my dad's ham and bean soup out of that last night.

After dinner we ate a few of the Easter cookies (which I didn't get a picture of), then went back out to the patio for Aiden's Easter egg hunt.  He was so cute.  Every time he saw a new egg he would gasp and say, "Another one!"  Every time.  He even found another one Monday night when I was out watering the plants.

Spiderman eggs, courtesy of Gpa

After the egg hunt, we sat for a bit while Aiden went through his goodies.  Then Travis brought out the Spiderman pinata that Ariel and Robert got him for Christmas this past year.  Aiden has had a good time beating the crap out of that thing over the months, but I was ready for it to go.  It's bigger than Aiden, which means it was a little daunting standing in our living room all this time. 

That pinata was so hardcore that it took 15 good hits from Travis to break open a hole.  We were hoping Aiden would hit the rest out, but the second a toy hit the ground he was focused only on collecting the goodies.  He now has two Easter baskets full of candy and toys.  There is no way he will ever be able to eat all that before it goes bad.  I guess I better help him out with that dilemma.

Aiden spent a good portion of the day high on candy.  Even though we withheld candy after the egg hunt, he still had trouble falling asleep.  Not a surprise since he has trouble on a normal day.  After the sun went down and Aiden was in bed, we enjoyed the apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.  At this point, I had to call the quits on the patio because the mosquitoes were out full blast.  It was just as well because I had a kitchen to clean and was ready to pass out by that point.  Overall, I think it was a good day.  But next year I need to split up the fun over two days!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby-Gear Shopping is Fun

As always, we had a BUSY weekend.  I really should have split up our Easter festivities over two days, but I had too much going on Saturday to fit anything else in.  I had an overdue oil change scheduled, shopping to do and a date night with Travis.  I had a coupon to Babies R Us and a play mat that I needed to exchange, so I took the opportunity to buy a new stroller/car seat combo for Mila.  A friend accidentally broke the handle on Aiden's stroller and his car seat was getting kind of old.  Travis and I agreed that we would feel better getting a new set.

I'm having a hard time flipping over to the girl mind set for baby stuff.  I actually felt guilty buying a stroller with pink on it.  Partially because I know Travis will be pushing it from time to time.  He didn't seem too worried about the pink though.  I settled on a newer version of the one we had for Aiden and honestly I can't wait to pull it out of the box!  I also bought a few other items while at the store (bottle drying rack abd plush elephant).  I couldn't believe my entire spending was under $200 between the coupon and gift exchange.  Very exciting.

After the oil change I went to Target to buy Easter goodies for the family (Aiden, Ariel, Robert and Travis).  I made sure to get a few extras for myself.  My current fave are Peepsters, by the makers of Peeps.  YUMMMM.  I also bought some pants and more muslin blankets for Mila (PERFECT for swaddling).  We seem to have a shortage of bottoms for that girl and I don't want her running around half naked!  And I would reuse Aiden's muslin blankets, except he still sleeps with him.  I don't want to take everything from him to give to the baby.

When I got home, I went through more baby stuff in the garage and then got ready for date night with Travis.  A friend at work gave us a gift card to Willie G's to promote one last date before the baby comes.  Since that restaurant is in Galveston, we left Aiden with Sue and headed off child-free.  It's always so funny going out without a kid.  When we were at dinner before seeing Pauly Shore a few weeks ago we sat down at the table.  We both announced to each other that we needed to wee before we got food and Travis told me I could go first.  I was about to tell him, no you go first, when I realized, "Why do we have to take turns?  There's no kid for us to stay at the table with!  We can pee at the SAME TIME."  Funny how parenting changes your way of life.

So, feeling like I was forgetting something, we made our way to Ariel's.  We left Mr. Lion there by accident on Friday and Aiden ALWAYS sleeps with him.  He woke up three times Friday night before waking up for the day at 6:30 and I wasn't up for another night of that.

Dinner was great.  We sat outside and enjoyed the water and making fun of all the sunburnt tourists.  We both ate seafood and we shared a giant caprese salad.  I even ordered a glass of wine.  That's the very first time I've imbibed alcohol in public while pregnant.  While my doctor assured me that one glass every now and then is fine, strangers tend not to agree.  I didn't really care that night.  The hot weather, combined with seafood, made a glass of cool white wine sound greatly appealing.  Travis had to finish it for me though.  Ha!

We were going to get dessert there, but nothing sounded very good.  Instead, we walked a couple blocks to the Nestle Toll House Cafe for cookies and ice cream.  OMG that place is amazing.  I told a friend we went there and she said she'd never been, but she did gain five pounds when she walked by it once.  I'd probably worry more if I weren't pregnant and still within the proper weight limits.  You really can't top a chocolate chip cookie covered in vanilla ice cream, fudge and nuts.  I'm so glad we live in a time when we can afford chocolate.

We sat with Sue for a little while before we took Aiden home.  I was thankful when he went straight to sleep when we got home. He hasn't been sleeping that well lately, so I really appreciated Sue wearing him out for us.

Seriously though, he FIGHTS going to sleep.  We put him down between 8 and 8:30 every night and he usually gets out of bed constantly until 10 pm when we go to bed.  And then he wakes up between 4:30 and 5 every morning.  That's only 6.5-7 hours per night!  It's not enough for me, so I can't imagine it's enough for a two year old.  What the deuce??  Does anyone have any advice on this situation?  I'm seriously contemplating giving him Benadryl.  Or maybe even melatonin every now and again so I can get ONE good night of sleep periodically.  But drugging him freaks me out a bit.  I should call the pediatrician and see what she thinks. 

Problem is I wouldn't get a GOOD night's sleep even without him waking me up constantly since I get up 1-3 times to pee.  I decided last night we are going to start shutting our cat Phage out at night.  He jumps on and off the bed frequently and it wakes me up each time.  When he jumps up, the jostle wakes me.  When he jumps off, the sound of him hitting the floor makes me wonder if Aiden is up walking around.  And by "walking around" I mean jumping off his dresser like he does from time to time (without my approval, of course). 

I really hope to sleep someday...

Monday, April 9, 2012

34 Weeks

I had my regular OB appointment this past Thursday and I finally had questions!  I have felt so guilty this time around because I go in, the doctor checks a few things (Leg swelling?  How frequent are the Braxton Hicks? Drinking plenty of water?), then she asks if I have any questions.  Generally, the answer has been 'no'.  But this time was different.  A few days before the appointment, I realized that I'm going to have to push this kid out soon and I had a mini panic attack.  I remember asking a friend who was pregnant with their second child if they were more scared this time, or the first time, going into delivery.  She said the second time was worse.  When I asked why, she said it was because she knew what it was like now.  At the time, I remember thinking that should scare me more than it did.  But now I know what she means, whole-heartedly.

It was like running a marathon through a series of ginormous cramps.  I had some questions about the delivery process, since there were a few things I'd like to avoid if possible.  First topic, was pain control. Last time, I had an IV drug called Stadol.  After talking to the doctor, I found that I will not be getting that drug, even if I wanted it, because there is a Stadol shortage.  She talked to me about using Fentanyl instead.  Because it has similar side effects (like knocking you out), I still want to avoid it for as long as possible.  But if worse comes to worse, she said I can have small doses of it so it won't stay in my system for as long. 

An issue that has cropped up recently MIGHT effect this.  At my last two appointments, Mila has been breech. For those of you who don't frequent pregnancy books, that means she is still head up.  The baby is supposed to be head down for delivery.  I still have six weeks left, so the doctor is not concerned just yet.  I asked her what we would do if she stays breech.  I keep seeing images of women in an exam while the doctor attempts to manually flip the baby around (aversion).  It seemed like a painful process that I'm not too keen to try.  Thankfully, my doctor doesn't like to do it that way.  She prefers to wait until I'm in labor or in for an induction before she attempts this, since one risk is the placenta detaching, causing a stillbirth.  I don't want that either.  Another plus to waiting until I'm in the hospital is I can get an epidural first.  So no pain during the aversion!!  AND that means I won't have to wait until I'm dilated 4 cm to get the epidural.

I do have hope though.  I noticed some strange movement yesterday and then some new pressure I haven't felt before.  Also since then, I have noticed some movement on the right side of my belly instead of my left.  I am hopefully that this kid has decided to make the big flip, but I won't know FOR SURE until my appointment a week from Thursday.  Crossing my fingers...

Besides those topics, the only other one I was interested in was what her policy is for inducing.  I feel like one reason the labor was so drawn out last time is because I was induced.  I was wondering if she would let me go to 42 weeks, or if she was worried about the baby getting to big.  She said she would be more worried about the decreased efficiency of the placenta after 41 weeks, putting the baby at risk.  That's all she had to say for me to agree to induce at 41 weeks if I am still pregnant.  I hope, hope, HOPE that my body will know what to do this time around and get this party started on it's own.  Perhaps the labor will progress more smoothly.  Last time I had intense contractions before I started dilating.  I know women who have gone into labor, tie up some loose ends at home, get to the hospital with minimum pain during contractions only to find they are already 4 cm!  That must be what pure bliss is.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flying Baby

"Hey Rach!  Whatcha doin'?"

"Oh just tossin' the baby around."

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On the Inside

I just love it whenever Aiden gives me a glimpse into his feelings.  He's still little, but he is a "guy", so I try not to expect TOO much from him.  I love it when he finds a way to articulate his feelings for me though.

In the past few months, he has started telling me when something hurts.  It started out with simple things, like his finger hurts (hang nail), or his foot hurts (rock stuck in the shoe).  Recently it branched into his tummy hurting.  That generally signifies a bowel movement.  It's a nice warning since he has a record of problems with pooping.  Thankfully I don't think it actually hurts every time he says it does.  I think he's just getting the sensation to go.

Speaking of poo, Aiden has graduated to the big toilet.  He uses an adult toilet when we are in public, and they have child-sized toilets at daycare that he uses all the time.  I am really tired of emptying the training potty every time he goes.  I realized it was up to me to help him make the transition.  I set up a stool and his training seat in the half bathroom, then I put the training potty out in the garage (out of sight, out of mind).  Thankfully, he accepted the transition easily and has been using it on his own ever since this weekend!  He has also been staying mostly dry at night, though not frequently enough for us to skip the nighttime Pull-ups.  I am thrilled he has gone through this whole potty training thing so well.  And just in time for the baby diapers to start rolling in again!

Yesterday when I picked Aiden up from daycare, one of his classmates ran up and gave me a hug around the legs.  Aiden was further from me, so he didn't reach me until after his classmate did.  He was yelling, "Mommy!" just like he always does when I show up, but it quickly turned to, "My mommy!" when he saw what his friend was up to.  When we got into the car, I asked if he liked that classmate.  He said, "Yes," then his face got pouty and he said, "he touched my momma."  LOL!  Crazy kid.  I said, "Yes, wasn't that nice of him to give me a hug?" and he said, "Oh, ya!"  Funny how easy it is to affect his take on life.

Another example: Last night when I got home, I turned on a show for Aiden to watch while I made dinner (keeps him out from under my feet).  When I was finished, I set down the remote on the coffee table and noticed a lizard laying on it's back right next to the throw rug.  Eesh.  My first reaction was, "Awww grosss!"  Of course, then Aiden has to walk around to inspect what I've seen and agree with me.  Dang it.  I don't want him to be averse to creatures because of my silly first reaction.  We always take time to check out the live anoles around the house.  I'm never going to catch one, but I like to watch from afar.  Hopefully that balances out my girly response.

When we got into the car after daycare last night, I noticed Aiden's hands and face were dirty.  I got the wipes out to wash him down and asked him what he had been up to.  He said another classmate had pushed him down in the mulch.  Then he said he didn't like that boy.  After a little prodding, I sounded more like they were chasing each other and Aiden fell down, or perhaps the other boy got a little excited and knocked him down in the process.  I know which boy he's talking about.  He can be pretty rambunctious and I know he's a handful for the teachers.  But he's not quite a bully.  You never know though.  I asked Aiden again later in the evening if he liked that boy and he said yes.  Hopefully it was just a misunderstanding, but I appreciate Aiden's willingness to share these things with me now.