Monday, April 23, 2012

Operation Fit Mila: Stage 4

We finally got the furniture organized in our bedroom.  The big dresser on the left is filled with our clothes and the little one on the right has PJ's, blankets and some onesies for Mila (for easy night time access).  We are planning to have Mila sleep in our room until she's sleeping through the night, just like Aiden did.  He was out of our room at 8 weeks because we had him on a specific feed/sleep schedule.  All I did was stop waking him to eat during that mid-night feed and he slept right through.  We have decided to not put Mila on a schedule and see how it goes.  I am deathly afraid.  I guess if all else fails we can put her on the schedule later.

This weekend we plan to put the crib together and I need to put away the last of Mila's things.  We'll probably wait a couple more weeks before we set up the travel crib in our room where she will sleep at night.  We'll probably use her crib for nap time like we did with Aiden.  I think it helped him get used to sleeping in that room, so the transition to bedtime in his own room was not quite so difficult. 

I am really excited about having that futon in our bedroom.  I use it every morning for putting on my shoes.  It's so much easier than my bed because my feet reach the floor better.  Travis is excited about it because sometimes when he can't sleep he goes out to the couch to watch TV.  Not because he is worried about waking me with the TV (I don't care if its on as long as its not loud), but because he is hot or annoyed with my tossing in bed.  He joked that now when he goes to sleep on the couch he doesn't even have to leave the room.  But he did emphasize he won't do that until we get a flat screen mounted on the wall up in that corner.  THAT will have to wait until we have gotten used to the financial addition of Mila.  HA.

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