Monday, April 30, 2012

Trying to Rest

I'm so glad Travis' on-call week is over.  He had to go out on calls three out of the seven days.  Not too bad.  Sometimes I get irritated because WHY CAN'T THE LIGHTS IN YOUR SUN ROOM WAIT UNTIL MONDAY, but then I realize people probably don't understand Travis' side of things.  Plus it's extra cash in the pocket.

I had a nice weekend.  While Travis was at work Saturday morning, Aiden and I went grocery shopping.  That evening we had a few friends from my work over for dinner.  They all have kids, so it was nice to sit back and let them run rampant.  I wasn't up for catering, so I just ordered a few pizzas.  I found a recipe for a dessert on Pinterest that looked AMAZING, so I did make that in the afternoon before anyone showed up.  Travis got called out that night, so I was bummed he didn't have more time to get to know my co-workers a little better.

I'm feeling pretty huge these days.  Not just because of the belly.  I'm at +29 lbs (eek) now and the swelling has permanently set in.  It used to come and go, but now it's around all the time.  I can still fit my sandals though, which is more than I can say about the last go around.  I hate not fitting my wedding rings though.  My hand feels naked. 

Sunday was fabulous.  It didn't start off great.  Aiden woke at 5:20.  I let him lay in our bed, but all he did was wiggle for an hour before I made him go back to his room.  He came back at 7 when he is allowed to get up.  I plopped him in bed with us, turned on a DVD and fell asleep until 8:30.  That was pretty magical.  I made breakfast, but Aiden didn't want it.  He just wanted to lay in bed and keep watching TV, so I sat in front of the living room TV with my breakfast and vegged out for another hour.  At that point, we worked our way out to the yard so Aiden could play in the water.  I heated up leftovers and we ate lunch outside.  Travis bathed Aiden while I cleaned up the kitchen (bending over the tub is a little uncomfortable these days).

While Aiden was napping, I watched a show on TV and eventually fell asleep.  Apparently Travis fell asleep too because we didn't wake up until 4:30.  Aiden slept for three hours!  EEK.  He usually sleeps two.  Thankfully he didn't have trouble falling asleep that evening.  We originally made plans to go buy plants that afternoon with a Groupon I got a few months ago, but then Travis got an itch to go play disc golf.  He left and I turned on Toy Story for Aiden.  I made a casserole for dinner.  Right when I was getting Aiden ready for bed, Travis got home saying he had to run out on a call.  I was grateful Aiden went down without a fight.

I watched a couple more shows off the DVR before heading to bed.  Travis got home just before 11 pm.  I was still awake from all the resting I did that day.  Up until this point, I have felt too guilty to have the TV on this much.  I have officially moved into the I-don't-give-a-$h!t category.  I am exhausted.  Aiden turns into a zombie when the TV is on.  What more can a gigantically pregnant girl ask for?


Sara's Satire said...

Hahaha...I had a little mommy guilt for the first month that we lived here..I used that TV/computer as a babysitter while I worked around the house. Now...I really don't care what other people think about my kids watching too much tv. JR gets annoyed with Logan being on the computer and playing his DS too much, and I agree, we do need to scale it back. It's all he talks about..MARIO THIS and MARIO THAT.

Anyway, my point is, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. As mom's we make thousands of mistakes, and maybe we shouldn't let them watch tv so much, but sometimes you have to do it in order to get through the day. Since we finally got settled in, we have scaled it back, but they still watch TV and play on the computer every day, and other than Logan's obsession with all things Mario, they are still healthy, balanced, well behaved I must be doing something right!

That TV will come in handy once Mila arrives..if it keeps Aiden still and quiet..I guarantee you will be using it quite a bit!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Nikki! Here's to TV! It can really be such a blessing sometimes, and it's not like you're ignoring him, or letting him watch porn. I'm efinitely guilty of letting my kids watch more TV than they ever have before, and I don't feel guilty about it anymore (though I used to, when I was still nauseous).
All that sleeping sounds so nice : ) I'm glad you were able to relax as much as you did!
And 29 pounds is NOTHING woman! But I know what you mean. Just hang in there... you've got less than 3 weeks to go!!!

Nikki said...

"Porn" Bwahahahaha! I go back and forth about the TV. Aiden only gets 30 mins a day, sometimes 0 minutes. Because of that, he becomes totally engrossed when there is a television on. Sometimes I think, "If I just let him watch more TV, then maybe it wouldn't be as big a deal to him." It's a fine line.

Yes, I foresee more TV in our future with Mila being around. Especially since Aiden will be home with me for the first two weeks instead of at daycare. Ahhhh! I'm so nervous.