Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fresh and Clean

I finally made an appointment to get Aiden into the dentist.  I wanted to find a pediatric dentist so they would have more patience with a small child.  I checked with several people and found a name that came up frequently, so we went with her.  I downloaded a book about Sponge Bob going to the dentist.  We read that frequently and every night when we brushed teeth I would poke his teeth and say, "This is what the dentist is going to do.  She wants to count your teeth and see how well you brush!"  I also made a point to tell him he would have to "bite on paper" while the took pictures of his teeth.  I did everything I could think of to prepare him for what it would be like.

The office was AWESOME.  When we first got there, I was thrown off that they didn't have more toys in the waiting room.  Turns out that's so kids don't get mad when they are torn away from really cool toys to go see the dentist.  They did, however, have a TV with Happy Feet playing so I was able to easily fill out the paperwork.

While we were sitting there, several bigger kids went in back.  I made sure to point out the "big kids" who were going back to get their teeth cleaned.  When the hygienist came out to get Aiden, she took a moment to introduce herself to all of us and she explained what they would be doing.  Then she got down on Aiden's level and asked him to come in back with her.  Travis had decided he wanted to go in back with him, so they headed back.  Aiden seemed excited.

After the x-rays, the hygienist came out and told me he did great.  He sat on Travis' lap during the x-rays and didn't fuss at all.  After the x-rays, they let him go play with the toys they had in back for a bit.  That way he didn't get antsy sitting in a chair for a long time.  They did his cleaning and Travis said he did just as good during that.  Then they sent Aiden back to the toys while we talked with the dentist.  She was super nice and I feel SO GREAT about the entire experience that I've been dreading for months.

No cavities!
Brand new Mater toothbrush!


Tonight I'm taking him to the fire department to sit on the truck as a reward for being such a big kid!!


Sara's Satire said...

Awesome job Aiden!!! Logan has been a few times, he enhoys it so I don't worry about him too much, but that first visit I was stressed as could be. Landry has been twice...both times have been a disaster, and I need to take both of them back in March (we go every year around Logan's b-day), I will try the spongebob book- great idea!!! She has gotten much more involved in brushing her own teeth and it is no longer a struggle every morning and evening...now it's the opposite, I think she asks about 40 times a day if we can brush teeth! Ughhh! Maybe she will be better this year??
I am jealous of Aiden! Maybe you can come down and take Landry??? LOL! I'm pretty sure she's trying to drive me crazy.

Alexa said...

My kids have seriously surprised me with how great they are at the dentist. Totally easier than I thought it would be. It makes it so much nicer when the staff and dentist are themselves phenomenal!