Monday, December 3, 2012

From Aiden's Point of View

This morning on the drive into work, I asked Aiden if he had a good weekend.  We did a ton of Christmas related things so I was interested to see what the highlights of the weekend were to him.  From the mouth of babes:

Setting up our Christmas tree and decorations

Trimming the tree

Tree trimming audience
Aiden's favorite: St. Nicholas Square Coffee Shop
Aiden's first Advent calendar

Dickinson Festival of Lights

My co-workers' kids and Aiden thoroughly enjoyed the lights and cookie decorating.

Playing at the beach after taking our Christmas photos

Playing in the cold water.
Texas Snow Angels

Setting up the new Christmas train

Travis got a late-90's Lionel Train from his mom and Rich.

Mommy's favorite: Enjoying evening life in the warm glow of our Christmas tree

Bottle fed and ready for bed.

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Alexa said...

I ADORE this time of year for the activities alone!!! I have gone seriously overboard with it. We have the Elf that came the day after thanksgiving, the advent calendar, bags for our advent with candy and additional ornaments for the kids to hang daily, the xmas books wrapped under the tree and one picked out daily to read, we did zoo lights, and the list goes on! I just love the closeness and how I have somehow managed to work my way out of the kids thinking of this holiday in a materialistic sense. We have not talked much about presents. Blair is mostly excited about the activities, like making cookies for Santa. LOVE IT...great beach photos! I bet your house smells amazing with the tree.