Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Look Out!

We decided to put Aiden in T-ball this spring and I AM SO EXCITED!!!!  It is so stinkin' cute.  He had his first practice last week and he loved it.  He seems to be right in the middle of the group, age-wise.  It's a co-ed team, but there's only one girl.  Aiden was really shy for the first 5 to 10 minutes, but then he worked his way into the group.  For warm-ups the kids ran bases.  When Aiden made his first way around, he ran directly to me instead of home plate.  After the warm-up, they split the kids into two main groups, one with the head coach and the other with the assistant coach.  Aiden ran back over to me a couple times.  Once to ask if I saw what he did and once to ask for water.  Travis was 30 minutes late because of work, but when he arrived he went out to help corral the kids.  After that Aiden did better about staying with the team.

This past weekend we went to buy him gear.  I sure hope he sticks with this for a while because sports equipment is expensive!  There are only 4 bats amongst all the players, so we bought a bat.  We also got a couple balls for us to practice with at home, cleats, socks, practice shirt, baseball pants and a Texans cap.  The team colors are red and black, so we got him the red Texans hat for him to wear to games, practices or just whenever.  The team name is the Lookouts.  As in, 'Look out!  There's a ball headed your way!'  Ha.

Practices are on Tuesdays.  Last week we picked up fast food on the way up.  I don't want to do that every week, so I made PB&J sandwiches for dinner tonight.  We have to go straight from the daycare to the practice because it's so far away, so I packed it this morning.  I decided to put him on a team up near where we want to move so Aiden has a chance to meet kids he might go to school with soon.  Or at the very least, to make friends in the area.  It's also easier on Travis since he works in that area.  He can make it to the practices after work since we come up to him.  If we put him in the league in Galveston, Travis would never make it to practices in time.

I can't wait for practice tonight!  I just wish it was a little warmer...

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Alexa said...

It is so fun to watch them come into their own and be a part of something like baseball! Adorable! Let us know when his games are! We would love to come cheer him on!