Thursday, September 1, 2011

Katie Johnston Photography

A couple weeks ago we went to get our family portraits taken by a friend of mine from work.  She also took photos at Luke's second birthday party and did a really great job.  I've seen her work on Facebook and have been really impressed so I decided to hit her up for her start up deal.  We went to a park on Galveston Island that I've never heard of.  It has a pirate theme, which was really fun for Aiden since he's really digging pirates at the moment.  We have to go back now. 

After looking over these photos, I really feel like we belong in some magazine.  I mean seriously.  I can't wait to get them printed!  I think Katie did such a wonderful job.  Check out her website if you're in the area and interested.


Sara's Satire said...

You guys DO belong in a magazine!!! Great stinking photos! I need to get some done for Landry's second birthday! Yikes!

Alexa said...

The photos turned out fabulous! It helps that you are already such a beautiful family :).

I can't wait to hire her someday to do ours!!

Nikki said...

Haha! Thanks Alexa! It was actually a lot of fun. Katie was very easy to work with. She kept a Micky Mouse pez dispenser and would give Aiden a piece of candy whenever he did what we asked. It worked a little with him, which is more than I expected considering his stubborness.