Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Little Guy

Sunday morning we took Aiden to get his second professional haircut.  I have trimmed his hair tons of times and he generally does okay for me.  But when a stranger touches his head?  WATCH OUT.  We went to the same place we went last time.  He wouldn't even sit in the car chair.  So the hair dresser had the brilliant idea to have Aiden sit in Travis' lap while he got his hair cut.

Both Travis and Aiden wore a cover-up to prevent hair from getting all over their clothes.  I gave Aiden a suckers and the hairdresser put Spiderman on the mini-TV.  Aiden chose Spiderman.  Next time, I'm choosing Toy Story.  Aiden tends to get uninterested during the parts of Spiderman when the main character is not in costume.  That was less than helpful during the hair cut.   But it did help little bit.  When he was distracted, Aiden didn't mind the hair dresser at all.  She cut the majority of his hair with scissors, then cleaned up the edges with clippers.  I had to hold Aiden's arms down during the clippers.

Anyhoo, here's the finished product!

He looks so much older to me with his hair cut this short.  I think I'm going to grow it out again.  At least a little.  This was a lot shorter than I was hoping.  At least he's all cleaned up for the wedding this weekend!


Alexa said...

I love the haircut! It looks great! I know the first one that is short is rather shocking, but it looks great!!

Sara's Satire said...

Haha, He is adorable. Logan won't let you get close to him with scissors or clippers. And I think he is the opposite, I think he looks older when his hair grows out! He really should get a haircut about once every 6 weeks, but because of the screaming, we only do it every 4-5 months. I just judge it by whether or not his hair is growing over his ears! LOL Maybe next time I will take him somewhere to get it cut - I would really like for him to have a "style" instead of just buzzing it all off and letting it grow!