Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Day of Love

Our son and his toddler bed were a little interesting this weekend. This was the first time for him to sleep in the bed during the day, aside from the very first time we set it up last Sunday. When he laid down in the bed all week at night, he didn't really try to play for very long. I'm assuming that's because it was too dark to do anything. But during the day! During nap time! That is a different story all together.

Saturday was horrible. We took all the toys we could out of his room, covered his window with a thick blanket to help block out the light, then let him try to sleep for an hour. Whenever he got up, we would go in silently and lead him back to bed and then leave. When that didn't work, Travis finally sat next to the bed and held him down. He cried for 10 minutes straight, but then finally calmed down enough to sniffle to sleep. Travis left him before he had fully fallen asleep.

Sunday was a complete 180. We took all the toys out before we closed Aiden in. I decided to let him give it a try on his own for 30 minutes on his own. I went in a couple times to lead him silently back to bed, but after 25 minutes there was nothing but silence from his room. Gooooo Aiden! Seriously, awesome moment in parenting.

Sunday afternoon, we took Aiden to a kids' hair salon. Since things didn't go so smoothly the first time around, we let the salon have a go.

Here's the shaggy mullet before:

Unfortunately, they didn't have much better luck than we did. Aiden could NOT STAND that some stranger was touching him.

He kept leaning away from the hair stylist, screaming "No!" Poor kid. The whole thing took no more than five minutes, but I'd bet anything that Aiden would rank it in the Top 5 Worst Moments of His Life. Right up there with vaccinations and being held down at nap time.

Since this was a salon for kids, Aiden sat in a car during his hair cut and got to watch an Elmo movie. The two of those together were not enough to calm this boy for a five minute hair cut. What has the world come to?


Sara's Satire said...

logan went to a salon just like that for his first haircut, and he was amazing...since then however, there hasn't been a single haircut without tears and pleading! I dont know what it is about haircuts!
Aiden looks very handsome though!
I know that Aiden is on a schedule, but do you think you could be flexible with it? I know it may be hard because of daycare, but what if you actually moved naptime back 30 minutes. Maybe then, he would get a little more tired and it wouldn't be so hard for him to fall could use 15 minutes of that time to just sit with him in your lap - maybe read a book, or watch a tv show that he enjoys...then just go to his rooom...I dont know if that will actually work - probably not, but its an idea! I dunno! The hard part is that he did great on Sunday, but he wont have to experience this again until Saturday, so he may not remember...then again he might!

Rachel said...

Oh he looks so mad in that photo!!!! He looks so great though with his haircut! What a big boy!!!

Brenda said...

Poor Baby! Elmo and "driving" weren't enough to keep the boy calm for 5 minutes?? That was not a happy day of love. Although; kudos on the awesome parenting moment!

Nikki said...

Sara, I'm pretty sure this is the EXACT same place that you took Logan - on El Dorado by Babies R Us.

Putting Aiden to bed 30 minutes later might be worth a try. We try to stick to his schedule the best we can, but we deviate occasionally with nap time, eating times and bed time. I'm sure that part of the reason he did so well Sunday is because we took him on a walk that morning and let him actually walk. We usually pull him in the wagon, or push him in the stroller. But this time, we let him walk almost half of it. That's a lot for his little legs!