Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Calgon, Take Me Away

Aiden seems to be doing much better in the anger department. It's still not okay, but at least he's not trying to pull off my skin every other minute. I made sure to spend lots of time on the floor with him last night, playing with toys. He was in a great mood the entire time. Maybe this is a sign he needs a live-in play buddy? Ha! Soon, but not just yet.

One of his canines has broken through the gums, so I'm hoping that's a huge culprit here. He hasn't been eating well for a week or so, but last night, he ate like we'd been starving him on purpose. It was awesome to see him happy to eat again. He's been sitting in a booster seat with us at the table for a couple days now. It's fun, but I worry about needing the seat when we have guests over. I'm thinking about switching his high chair into a regular seat, so we have all the seating possible.

I started giving him probiotics in his morning milk this weekend. I'm not sure that it is helping just yet, but I'm pretty sure it will take a while to balance out his natural flora. He's still pooping in the bath tub at every bath. (Although, I don't think I've mentioned that on here before.) Alexa pointed out that the warm bath water might be softening things up and relaxing him enough to let it go. Makes sense. But it would be great if he would stop doing that. It's gross and that means we have to deal with letting all the water out, cleaning the tub, then filling it back up. Gah.

It's cold. I know it's not as bad as up north, but it's cold. It was 26 degrees on my drive into work this morning. According to the weather channel, it was 20 degrees when I woke up, with a wind chill of 9. Just so you know, we are not equipped for such temperatures. Our water heater is in our unheated garage. That means it has to work extra to remain heated. Then the water has to flow through underground pipes and in the exposed pipes under our house. Needless to say, it takes several minutes for the water to warm up on the faucet side of things. We put a blanket on the water heater a year or so ago and I know that helps a bit.

This wind is a little ridiculous. I was grateful when Travis pointed out that our house was on the first block with electricity this morning. I guess the wind took out a bunch of power lines. Half of Galveston island is included in this. I was all excited to actually make it out the door on time this morning, and then I didn't have a flat tire. Yay! Only problem is that every stop light on the island has been turned into a 4-way stop. It took me forever to get from one side to the other.

Speaking of tires, Travis had me put on my repaired tire last night. So now I can change a tire with confidence! It wasn't that hard. I think my only problem will be getting the lug nuts off. It took a lot of jumping and kicking for me to get them loosened. Travis informed me that this was a good way to break off a lug nut stud. You win some, you lose some.

I heard Chicago has 13 inches of snow and counting. My mom is stranded at my aunt's house up there this week. (Fun place to be stuck!) My dad has 8 inches of snow so far and it's still falling from the sky. He went without power for a while, but that's back on so everything's coming back up to temp. My brother's got a snow day from school, but it sounds like the entire county is having a snow day. Stay warm folks!

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Sara's Satire said...

WOW, maybe it was the tooth that was causing Aiden so many problems.
Neither of my kids have pooped in the bath, so I dont know what to tell you about that - maybew Alexa is on to something though. I cant believe how cold it is 19 degrees here with a windchill of 5. The wind is crazy, its blowing about 20-30 mph. It is unbearable...and I dont think its fair to have to live with the cold and not get anything out of it...we should have snow. I dont need 13 inches but and inch or two would be nice! LOL