Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Special Dinner

Monday night, for Valentine's Day, Travis and I decided to spend the evening at home. In the past, we have always tried to go out for dinner. Auntie Ariel offered to watch Aiden, but was unsure of her schedule, so we decided to go ahead with a night in.

Aiden had pizza and cauliflower for dinner. Then for dessert, he got a heart-shaped brownie. He scarfed that thing DOWN. I also got him a black and white striped sock monkey with a red heart sewn on the front. It was really cute and Aiden loves monkeys. As soon as he saw it sitting on the table when he got home, he started saying, "Ah ah ah ah!" That's his version of 'Ooo ooo ooo, ah ah ah' for the sound a monkey makes. Another sentimental reason for the monkey is that is an endearing term that Travis has for Aiden: Monkey. Haha!

Travis and I exchanged gifts while Aiden was eating dinner. I got him PJ's and flip flops from Old Navy, plus some Valentine's candy. Travis got me a bunch of gardening gear. I've wanted that stuff for years, but I'm really excited to get it now that we're about to start a veggie garden!

After Aiden went down for the night, Travis and I finished making our dinner. We went all out! Steak, crab, asparagus and pesto bow-tie pasta. We enjoyed our favorite bottle of Pinot Noir. We love the Robert Mondavi Reserve. That is usually what we get to celebrate Valentine's Day and our anniversary.

After dinner, we had turtle brownie a la mode. It was awesome. I'm pretty sure I gained 10 pounds from eating that meal. We sat there for a couple hours, just catching up on daily things. We actually don't do that very often because we are usually both so tired by the end of the day (after Aiden is fed, bathed and asleep and then dinner is cleaned up and chores are completed), that we would both prefer to just sit and veg out for 20 minutes before going to sleep.

We really should make an effort to do this more often that Valentine's Day and on our anniversary!

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