Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Travis is doing SO MUCH BETTER. Every day he makes huge steps in recovery. From the time he got home from the hospital, until the following evening, he only got out of bed to use the bathroom. We brought him food in bed and he watched TV all day. He did come out to sit with us for about 20 minutes on Saturday morning.

That night, he came to the dinner table and ate with us. He only sat at the table for maybe 10 minutes before the pain got too strong. The pressure of his organs on the suture site was too much to take. That night I only had to get up once to give him pain medication.

Saturday, Aiden did not want to go to sleep during nap time. He left Mr. Lion at daycare all weekend, so he was having some trouble relaxing. After an hour and a half of struggling with him to go to sleep, I finally thought to pull out the travel crib. I was so exhausted and just wanted to take a nap (awake from 4:30am - 10pm Friday, then up every 3 hours Friday night). I couldn't do that unless Aiden was sleeping too. Thankfully, he went right to sleep in his travel crib.

Sunday, Aiden and I went for a walk to the park, to help wear him out for nap time. I didn't even want to mess with him fighting it, so I put him straight into the crib. Travis got up and walked around more frequently. He ate lunch and dinner at the table with us, but he spent the rest of the time either sitting on the couch or laying in bed. He also developed a taste for Angry Birds on Rich's phone.

Monday morning I got up with Aiden, we ate breakfast, then I dropped him off at daycare. On my way back home, I picked up some breakfast burritos from this great place in Galveston. I was hoping it might get Travis' bowels back on track. Having Aiden at daycare gave me the day to focus on Travis and catching up on laundry. (Six loads!)

Tuesday I brought Aiden to daycare again. I cleaned the house in the morning, then Travis treated Brenda and I to pedicures that afternoon as a 'thank you' for taking care of him. I told him it was one of the perks of having a wife, but he wanted to do it nonetheless. It was really nice to relax for a minute without having my brain pulled in a hundred directions. What should I make for dinner? What's Aiden getting into? What time is it - does Travis need medication? Does Travis' ice pack need to be refilled? I'm hungry... I'm tired... Aiden's hungry... Aiden's tired... Travis is hungry...

We got the salt scrub and hot towel treatment. I couldn't believe how relaxed I was when I left that place. It took every ounce of energy left in me to get my body to work after that. I dropped Brenda off at the house and then continued on to the island to pick up Aiden. The Ramby's brought us pot roast for dinner, which was amazing. It was nice to not have to cook and also nice to shake things up a little after the monotony of recovery.

Wednesday? Back to work! I had a lot to catch up on, since I missed a large part of a study. So tired... I think I'll go to bed soon...

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