Thursday, February 3, 2011


I do work on a timeline. If I start something at work on a Friday, I have to follow up on Monday. If I do it Thursday, then that means I have to come in over the weekend, which I would prefer NOT to do.

This wintry mix is putting me in quite the pickle. We are supposed to start something big at work tomorrow morning. BUT, Aiden's daycare just called to inform me they are closing early this afternoon and will also be closed all day tomorrow.

Taking this afternoon off, should not be difficult. I will get all my work done this morning so I can get out of here early. Tomorrow will be more of a problem. I'm going to see if Ariel will watch Aiden. But, what if the weather really is so bad that I shouldn't be on the roads? I have to drive over the causeway to get to the island, which is a really large bridge. Bridges usually form ice in this type of weather.

Ugh. Stupid pickle.

This area is not equipped for such weather. We don't have snow plows or salt trucks to deal with snow and ice. Also, all the plumbing at our house is exposed underneath in our "crawl space". That means pipes are easily frozen. I left the faucets dripping last night and also when I left the house this morning. I didn't do that the night before and nothing horrible happened, so hopefully we'll be okay.

Two of my friends had their pipes freeze Tuesday night. Then when I was walking out to my car I came across a house with water pouring out from underneath. When I looked under the house, it was a lake. No one was home when I knocked on the door, so I called Public Works to report the burst pipes. It was stopped when I walked by this morning.

Stay warm my friends! And enjoy this video.

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