Friday, February 11, 2011

Aiden at 19 Months

I wanted to show off this photo of Aiden wearing Aggie gear. I think this might be the first Aggie clothing he's ever worn. Hm. He may have had a onesie when he was a newborn. Anyhoo, I pulled this shirt out of the "next size up" bin that we have in the garage. It has to be from Logan since his parents are fellow Aggies. =D

Aiden DOES NOT like getting dressed to go outside. He always runs from me when it's time to put on his coat. And FORGET a hat and gloves. In the past, that hasn't been an issue because it is rarely cold enough to need either of the aforementioned. For the past week, we have been going into freezing temps off and on, so it has become more important.

Every morning, I put on my coat and hat while he watches, making a big show of it. FINALLY, yesterday he showed some interest in wanting a hat on. I threw his hat on and quickly shoved him out the door, hoping he would forget he had allowed cloth on his head. The trick worked for about two minutes. By the time we reached the garage, his hat had twisted slightly. Since he was wearing a hat with ear flaps, he could see one of them in his peripheral vision. Suddenly, he'd had enough of the hat and tore it off.

This morning, I did the same coat and hat show. Again, Aiden wanted to wear his hat. This time, Aiden got mad every time the hat started to slide up off his head.

He was saying "Cheeeeeese!" for this photo. He just started saying that. It makes me smile every time.

I was starting to feel like Aiden's speech had hit a plateau. Now he seems to be climbing again! He recently started repeating words that we say. We've been trying it for months, but he only copies us 50% of the time. Lately, he's been working with us closer to 90% of the time. He still has his toddler moments when he says "Noooo" or he ignores us completely to keep playing with his toy. We've been reading his color books and he repeats the majority of the colors. We are working on phrases like 'thank you', 'please' and 'excuse me'.

This past weekend, I went to a moms brunch with Alexa. I was telling them that I was wondering when Aiden would start using phrases. So far, he has stuck to one-word demands or requests. Then, this week, I realized that he does say 'thank you' and 'excuse me'. I don't know how those slipped me by.

I felt like we hit a huge milestone Wednesday night though. Travis was playing hide-and-go-seek with Aiden. When he was having trouble finding Travis, I would walk around with him saying, "Where's Dada?" Then I would point to a corner and have him look for his dada. After a while of me doing this, he copied me word for word, gesture for gesture. "Where's dada?" he says clear as day with his shoulders shrugged, palms lifted towards the ceiling. LOL! I immediately looked at Travis and said, "Did you hear that?!" I totally called Daddy out on his hiding spot, but I couldn't help it!

Parenting is SO worth it.

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