Thursday, February 17, 2011


When Travis and I were trying to pick out baby bedding for Aiden's nursery two years ago, we felt like our options were limited. We didn't really like much of the pastel colors and we really wanted something a little more bold. When I was looking through our options online, I was strongly drawn to safari decor. We ended up with monkey bedding and the hopes of a safari theme in the nursery.

For our baby shower, Alexa continued the monkey theme. We ended up with a lot of monkey gear to bring home. Last night, I piled all the portable monkey items on the futon in his bedroom and stuck Aiden in the middle of it. It's borderline ridiculous.

You can see the Valentine's sock monkey in the top right corner of this photo...

Love it!

Travis' mom got in yesterday afternoon. (Thanks Brenda!) She is staying with us for a couple weeks to help take care of Travis, Aiden and the house during Travis' recovery period. His surgery is scheduled for Friday, although we won't know the exact time until they call us the day before. The hospital called on Tuesday to tell Travis that the surgery should take about two hours and he is not allowed to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen for a week prior to the surgery. Three days before the surgery they finally decide to let us know that? Thankfully, Travis doesn't think he's had any. Phew!

Then yesterday, they called again to ask how he was feeling.

"Fine," he says.

"Are you taking any pain medication?"

"No," with a lilt at the end, as in 'why are you asking me that when you told me I couldn't have any yesterday?'

"No pain medication?! How are your sutures?"

Blink, blink... "Uh, I haven't had the surgery yet."

"Oh. Well sorry about that! We'll call back later then..."

My faith in this hospital dwindles daily. I know it is a teaching hospital, but COME ON PEOPLE! I purposely did not deliver Aiden at that hospital because I did not want to have some student testing out their abilities to hit a vein while I was in labor. I'm quickly regretting not bringing this up to Travis when he went in for the check up on this hernia thing.

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Sara's Satire said...

It sucks that they are so strange at UTMB, but I think it has more to do with filing and communication than it does being a teaching hospital. They were really great when I had Logan and considering the problems that he had at birth, they did a great job of taking care of him. Of course, when they asked if I would mind letting a student do any of my testing I said YES! After the screw up with the ultrasound and them telling me I was having a girl when it was a boy...I said nope, no more students!!! LOL I had three students observe during my c-section, but made it very clear that they were NOT to do ANYTHING but observe. I also signed a paper saying that I did NOT want any students working on my baby!! But as far as the hospital, it was great. It was clean and comfortable, the staff was wonderful to me. They did a lot to help me and JR. Things were different when I had Landry at St. Joseph's - but I wouldn't say that one was better than the other.
The point is...I know that things can be a little screwy around there, but once he is having the surgery and after in recovery, they have a really wonderful staff.
Good Luck!