Thursday, February 24, 2011

Courtesy of Travis' Grandma

Travis is the little guy third from the right.

I got this photo via email from Travis' mom's mom last month and thought I'd share it. It was accompanied by this note:

Here is a picture of Travis around age 3 at Christmas with the children's choir. This is when he reached over and took the microphone off the stand and held it up to his mouth like he was going to say something. You could hear him breathing softly into the microphone, but he remained quiet... then someone got the choir director's attention (the red head sitting in front) and she tried to retrieve it. As he gave it to her very willingly, he dropped it and it clunked very loudly down behind the communion table to the floor, where she had to work to get it. This picture was taken after all that.

I am constantly amazed how great most people's memories are. There is no way I would remember something like this is such great detail. Which is why I take so many photos! Between Travis as my memory rolodex, this blog and photos, I am able to retrieve stories with "ease".


Sara's Satire said...

That is funny...Do you think Aiden will be a ham like Travis? Who's personality do you think he has? JR and I are always laughing because even though Logan looks exactly like JR...he act exactly like me! LOL I am still on the fence about Landry. JR says she has his personality...which I can see - but she has some of me in there too!
I use my facebook and my blog as a memory holder. I am not very good about printing out pictures anymore...I need to do better - but its hard...I already have so many framed pictures of the kids, and I am not ready to replace those with a more recent photo...but I need to. I just need to make a box for both of them and place the pictures in there so they can have them when they get older....ughh
But anyway...the blogs hold my stories, and facebook and shutterfly hold my pictures.

Nikki said...

Travis and I can both be stubborn people and I can tell Aiden is the same. For the most part, he is more like Travis though. Quiet, reserved and cranky if pestered.

I don't print out my photos anymore either, unless it's to put in a frame. I really hope the Internet and computers never break down because I don't know what I would do without that access to all my photos!!

Brenda said...

Travis has the best of both of you; but like his dad and grandma; mornings? He doesn't do well. I still don't.

Incidentally; I remember that well; and yes he was trying to grab the spotlight. He grabbed it and the laughter. I wasn't sure whether to cry, laugh, slide to the floor; or all three!