Friday, February 4, 2011

Time with Aiden

I went to the grocery store yesterday after they let us out of work early. Since Aiden's daycare was closing by 2:30, I had to pick him up first. There were no cars or baskets available in the store, so I had to carry everything while Aiden walked. This is the first time we've ever tried this. I had my arms full with a gallon of milk, spaghetti, steak and a bottle of ketchup when Aiden decides to stop to point at the puppy on every bag of Cottonelle bath tissue in a display.

Needless to say, I left the store with a headache.

This morning, Aiden and I followed our weekend routine since I have off from work and his daycare is closed again (due to the ice). The only difference is he slept in until 8:30! Holy cow, can you believe it? I couldn't. I freaked out, thinking something had happened to him. I ran in to check on him and once I saw he was breathing, I closed the door. I got his milk and cereal ready before I woke him up. I changed his diaper, then we sat in our bed and watch cartoons. After he'd finished his milk, he rolled over and laid on me while he ate his Cheerios.

That is the FIRST TIME Aiden has ever cuddled with me. It was awesome. I really hope he does it again!

Aiden is in SUCH a good mood today. It's probably because of all the sleep he got. LOL! I couldn't ask for a better day off at home! I think the only thing that would make it better is if Travis were home with us. I sure this good mood lasts because I'm hoping to go grocery shopping this afternoon, if it warms up enough to melt the ice.

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Sara's Satire said...

awww...cuddling is my favorite part of the day! It's like - no matter what they do later in the day, you still had that 20-30 minutes of time together. It makes you entire day better.