Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sick Day

Mila's fever came back Monday afternoon. The daycare has a policy that if a child develops fever they're not allowed back within 24 hours. That means I got today off of work! She still had a low-grade fever this morning but it was gone by this afternoon.

This morning I met with the insurance adjuster so we could make a claim for the hail damage we got in April. Looks like we're getting a new roof!

I dropped Aiden off at daycare before lunch and went to meet Ariel. We ate at a restaurant on Galveston Seawall. Mila may have had a fever but she was in good spirits!


Anonymous said...

You always take the greatest pictures!
Hope Mila stays well :)

Nikki said...

Thank you! I wish I could be a photographer. How fun would that be?? I have zero training though. And I don't own a very nice camera. Someday!

Alexa said...

She is getting so BIG!! I wanna squeeze HER!!!

Sara's Satire said...

She is so sweet! Glad she is feeling better! Everyone is getting sick. Logan was sick Saturday, Landry was sick Monday night/Tuesday. Logan's teacher stayed home sick Tuesday and Wednesday. JR and I started feeling crappy yesterday, and Logan came home today saying his belly hurt really bad. ughh!