Thursday, February 21, 2013


The other day we were stopped at a stop sign when Aiden saw the car in front of us giving money to a man standing on the side of the road.  Aiden asked if we had to talk to the man too.  I explained he was asking people for money.  Aiden wanted to give him some, but I didn't have any cash.  He then offered to give the man money from his piggy bank.  I told him we didn't have time for that, so Aiden offered to bring it back at Christmas time.  

"Why at Christmas?" I asked.

"Because I want to."

It was so sweet I teared up.  I know money does not have the same value to him that it does to adults, but I was still impressed with his willingness to give away his belongings.  Maybe he's not turning out so bad after all.

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