Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Party

Saturday night, after the wedding, we had plans to go up to Jenna's house. She moved several months ago and we still had not made it up to see the new place. She has also made some friends in the past couple years that we have never met. So she figured, what better way to show us her life than to have a party! YAY!

We got to meet her neighbor Mark...

He was cold, so he borrowed Jenna's sweater. He seems like a really nice guy. He helps Jenna out whenever she needs it and he has two boys who are Brian and Jandi's age (Jenna's kids), so they play together whenever they are at Dad's house.

Jenna's house is really cute and her backyard is great for entertaining. It has an enclosed porch to protect from the rain and a decent yard for the kids to play in. There is even a little BBQ pit that the boys made into a camp fire for a little while. Unfortunately we had not planned for this event and could only come up with one log. That didn't last long.

Left to right: Mark, David, Travis and Chris W.

After we had given up on the frigid outdoors, we came inside to play quarters. David and Jandi, goofing off (with the same facial expression!)...

I was permanently cold...

This was on the night of the fall time change, so we kept Aiden up a little later than normal hoping he would sleep in a little in the morning. (It worked!) We set him up in Jenna's bedroom, so I went back periodically to check on him.

I think we ended up leaving somewhere around midnight? Although, I am really not sure. I was having a good time, but our DD was ready for bed. Travis works hard and doesn't sleep much, so I was honestly surprised he stayed awake as long as he did.

It was so much fun to get up to Jenna's house. We haven't hung out with her much recently. Both of her kids are active in sports, so during the school year she is always busy doing things with them. Plus, she works in Galveston at UTMB and lives 30-minutes north of us, making it difficult to do stuff during the week. Chris and Alexa made it to the party for a couple hours too. It was crazy to have the old gang back together!

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