Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunday at the Zoo

Sunday morning, while we were eating breakfast, David mentioned that he wanted to go to the zoo again. He said it had been a while since he had gone to the Houston Zoo. I have wanted to take Aiden ever since I HAD him, even though for months he wouldn't have known the difference between the zoo and our backyard. I was complaining about how I wanted to go, but I wasn't up for spending $30 a person to get in there. David assured me that it was only $10. $10 we could do!

So, at lunch time, we got on the road into Houston. Aiden slept during the drive. Although I don't think he got to sleep long enough. He did great during the entire time at the zoo though.

I wasn't sure if Aiden would show any interest in the animals. I worried that it would be hard to point out the animals in the exhibits since all I could do was point from a distance. David said that Aiden would love it at this age and he was right! There was even a large cat exhibit where Aiden pointed out the cat that we couldn't find. HA!

It was a little chilly though. Before we left the house, I went through our box of larger sized clothes in the garage in search of a coat. I found two coats and a heavy jacket, so I think we are set for the winter! PHEW. (Again, many thanks to everyone who has given us hand-me-downs!! Alexa, Jenn, Sara and Heather.) Thank goodness Aiden had that coat because it was was humid-cold. And rainy for a bit even. We took a break halfway through our trek to go through the Lizard House. It was indoors and WARM.

We only stayed at the zoo for a few hours before we had to head back home. Travis, Ariel and Robert's softball team had their championship starting at 5:00 pm. They won the first game, but lost the second. Although they were happy they lost the second when it started to pour down rain while we were chatting post-game. It was COLD.

My favorite Davidism of the day: "Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes?"

Ahhhh, David. We will miss you, friend.


Sara's Satire said...

We took Logan to the zoo in July, while I was pregnant with Landry. It was soooo freaking hot, and when we left JR said he would never do anything like that again during the summer! Haha. I have been wanting to take the kids to the San Antonio Zoo...I am hoping to use some coupons to help with the price and I think we may try to go in Feb. or March. Just before it starts to get too hot! Plus, San Antonio has this wildlife zoo too that I want to go to...There is so much I want to do!

Brenda said...

I'm so sad the weather interfered. But the pictures are great! But then yours always are; and congrats to the winning team!

Go, team, go!!