Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Sister's Tree

This is the first year for both Ariel and Robert to put up a Christmas tree in their home. There's always something that prevents them from getting the tree: apartment is too small, they go out of town for Christmas, money is tight...

Well, money's always tight, but they went ahead and got a tree anyway this year. We celebrate Christmas with our parents separately every year, so this time we are doing one at Ariel's and one at our house. They went ALL out for their first time. They have 12-foot ceilings in their current rental house, so they bought an 11-foot tree to fill the room. Eleven feet is exactly twice as tall as I am.

They are learning a few things as they go. For instance, you need to saw off a couple inches from the trunk so the tree will continue to take up water throughout the holiday season. Unfortunately, they didn't learn this until they'd had the tree up for a week, so it was horrible dry by the time we went to decorate it. There were needles everywhere by the time we were done.

While the boys were outside sawing off the bottom branches, Ariel and I hung garland and lights on the banister. Then she had little holly berries for us to tuck along the garland.

After the tree was back in the stand, as straight as we could get it, we strung about 100' of white lights. Their tree topper is a gorgeous gold jeweled star. I'd really like to get the same one in silver for our tree, but I've decided I will only get it if I can find it on sale after Christmas.

(Everyone's in their softball uniforms.)

Ariel and Robert bought red and gold bulk ornaments and then they picked up several sea turtle ornaments. They are sort of forming their own theme for the tree. We had to place some of the turtles in front of poinsettia flowers so they would stand out from the green branches.

So pretty!

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