Thursday, December 9, 2010

I need a shoulder rub

Travis kept me up from 4 to 6 this morning, throwing up. Aiden cried from 6 to 7 am. The clouds are gone, so the sun was back in Aiden's face during the entire drive to the island.

Travis went to work this morning because if he doesn't work today, then he probably won't get his overtime for working late every day this week. I know how he feels, but it was silly because I know he can't work if he has to stop every 15 minutes to vomit.

His boss sent him home after 30 minutes.

Not sure what's wrong with him. We ate the same meal last night, except that he had ice cream just before bed. So I'm not confident that it's food poisoning. If it's a stomach bug, I REALLY don't want it and I REALLY don't want Aiden to get it. UGH.

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Alexa said...

Poor Travis! I sure hope you all don't pass it around! Blair's daycare has a bug going around but it is a fever only. Weird. Blair has managed to NOT get it so we are keeping our fingers crossed.