Monday, August 13, 2012

Clothes and Coffee

When Brenda was visiting she left money for birthday presents for all of us. We decided to make a day of it and go shopping on Sunday. I haven't been shopping (aside from the grocery store) in AGES. It was so fun!! Travis got a couple outfits, Aiden got some clothes and a turtle nightlight (we're hoping it helps keep him in bed) and we found several cute outfits for Mila. I'm going to look for toy we had in mind for her as well. (Brenda bought a really nice purse for me.)

I cannot believe we picked out these clothes for our daughter.

At the end of our shopping spree we walked over to look at some coffeemakers. I have been eyeing the Keurigs for some time now. This was a self-congratulatory gift for landing this new job as a safety specialist. We went with the Keurig Elite. It's not the fanciest version, but it's much more so than the pot I was using before.

I had my first cup of coffee from the new machine this morning. Travis opted for Chai tea.

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