Thursday, August 23, 2012


Aiden is moving up to the next class at daycare on Monday.  They told me a month or so ago they were planning on moving his entire class up together.  This week they are taking turns bringing each kid over to the older class for a few hours so they can get used to the new room.  Aiden did GREAT, so he only went over for a bit on Monday.  Every day when I pick him up from daycare he tells me in disappointment that he "didn't get to go with the big kids today."  I keep telling him, next week!  You will get to go next week. 

On Monday, I stopped by the front desk to talk to the director about the move. She mentioned that it was the Pre-K 3 class. I had no idea it was a pre-Kindergarden class! I knew there was a pre-K class at the daycare, but I assumed it was for 4 year olds. Apparently they have one for 3 and one for 4!

After I spoke with the director, I went over to formally introduce myself to the new teacher and see the class room.  She said Aiden was super interested in everything on each shelf.  He was really bummed when he had to go back to the other classroom.  He loves his current teacher, so I don't think it has anything to do with her.  He just loves new toys and new kids.  Whenever we walk by the window to the older kids, he stops and stares in jealousy at their cool toys.  Aiden tends to gravitate towards toys for older kids.  Most of the things we buy for him say 4 or 5+ on the box. 

In the new class, Aiden is going to start learning the alphabet, numbers, how to spell his name, learn about Stranger Danger and more.  The class he is in now has already introduced him to letters.  He can recognize some, particularly those in his name.  If you ask him how to spell his name, he gets to the 'd' before he peters out.  I asked the teacher if he will have homework (I'm not ready for that!) and she said no.  She will periodically send home things for him to work on (like tracing his name), but none of it has to be brought back to her.  Apparently when he gets to Pre-K 4, they start turning in assignments.  Good god I had no idea we were this close to the time of homework!! 

I am so excited for him because he loves to learn new things.  I am also super excited about helping him with his homework.  I enjoyed school for the most part, so I look forward to doing this with him.  I just cannot believe its just about time for that.

Because he is moving over to Pre-K, his tuition will not go down at all in this move.  Now when I drop Aiden off, I will have to bring Aiden to his class room on one side of the building, then I'll bring Mila over to the baby-side of the building.

Speaking of Mila, she rolled over at daycare yesterday (back to front).  I am so sad I missed her first foray into locomotion, but at the same time, I know I will have many chances to see it for myself.  I gave her lots of time on the floor last night, but she didn't feel like showing off for me.  That girl has been SO DROOLY lately.  Gross.  She pulls her dresses or skirts up and chews on them.  Most of the time, the daycare has to change her clothes in the middle of the day because of all the slobber soaked into her outfit.  It's crazy.  The bibs help when she's just in a onesie, but if she's got a skirt on, she pulls that thing right over her bib to her mouth.  I give her burp cloths at home to chew on.  They said she doesn't like the microfiber cloths they have at daycare though. So weird. 

Last night while we were on the way home, Aiden asked, "What are you making for dinner tonight?"  I don't know why it was so cute.  Sometimes he pulls out these very adult things that catch me by surprise.  My beebs are growing up!

3 years old

3 months old

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