Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Week of Pre-K 3

Aiden's first week of "school" went really well.  He loves it.  On Monday he ate breakfast with his old teacher, then she brought the whole class over to the new area.  They all did well, so Tuesday I dropped him off directly with his new teacher.  He immediately ran up to her and gave her a giant hug.  He didn't even say bye to me!  He just ran off.  Gah.  He's repeated that every day this week.

When I picked him up Monday, I was a little late, so he was back over with his old teacher.  As we were leaving, he insisted on running over to the new class to show me his new room "with the big kids."  It's so cute.  I love that he loves this transition.  In the past, moving to a new class (or daycare) has been stressful.  Aiden is usually cranky for weeks and cries every time I drop him off.  This time it's the complete opposite.  He is thrilled to be one of the "big kids."

On top of all this, he's been really good in the evening.  He's not cranky, he does what I say when I ask him (for the most part - he is THREE) and he seems in good spirits.  Normally he asks for tons of things he's not allowed to have and then throws a fit when he doesn't get any of it.  Most days he ends up in his room while he cools off.  Not this week though!  I really hope this lasts because it is amazing.


Sara's Satire said...

That's awesome Nikki! I am glad he's enjoying it so much. Logan has been the opposite. He is CRANKY, and usually ends up in his room to calm down. Hopefully he adjusts quickly!

Nikki said...

I hope Logan gets better too! He will adjust, I'm sure.