Monday, August 20, 2012

Gummy Bear

Well, Ariel still has not scheduled an appointment with the neurologist or the follow-up visit with the general practioner.  She continues to have episodes pretty much every day.  She said she can feel it coming on for an hour beforehand.  It sounds horrible.  Sometimes I find her very frustrating.

We had a good weekend.  A friend came to visit from out of town so I had a few of our mutual friends over for dinner.  We stayed up late and I drank too much.  It was totally unplanned, but we had a great time!  We let Aiden stay up since our friends had their daughters with them (3 and 8 years old).  Both girls fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie.  Aiden was sitting straight up, eyes wide open, refusing to fall asleep.  When everyone left and it was time for him to go to bed, he still fought us.  I swear, that kid would never sleep if it was up to him.

Sunday we went over to the Yeager's house for dinner.  Aiden and Luke had a dance party towards the end of the night.  I had turned on music before everyone came on Saturday and he showed me his break dancing moves for the first time.  I had no idea he liked to dance like that!  In the past, he has pretty much refused to dance for us.  That's why we put him in the dance class at his daycare.  I guess it opened him up to getting his groove on because he chose to dance on his own.  The funny part is he and Luke have very similar moves.  It was so cute.  They really enjoyed dancing to this music (it really is very catchy):

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Sara's Satire said...

Geez! I can totally understand your frustration with Ariel. It seems to me like she NEEDS the appointment with a doctor...and even better would be a doctor that could actually observe one of these episodes...even if it means admitting her. I know that scare tactics rarely work, but it makes me want to grab her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her. I mean, what kind of life is she living to have episodes like that on a daily basis? Plus, she is putting extra worry on those that love her. Sorry, this probably doesn't help. I care about Ariel, I hope she cares enough about herself to get to the doctor. Like I said before, I hate going to the doctor...and I wont go unless I am in so much pain that I actually wish for death, but something like that scares the crap out of me.
I don't know if I ever told you this, but about 10 years ago, I had something really strange happen to me. My tongue would randomly swell and cramp. It literally felt like a charlie horse in my throat and on my tongue. It was always on the right side, and it only lasted about 5 minutes, but during that time it was really hard to breathe, I had to do so through my nose, but even that was hard because it was difficult to get air into my airways. I played it off as a fluke but then it happened again on a daily basis for three days. On the fourth day it started happening every couple of hours, so I went to the ER. They couldn't find anything wrong, so I went to an ear, nose, and throat doctor. I was told it was most likely an allergic reaction to something. They ran a ton of tests and blood work, but everything came back normal, and oddly enough, it never happened again. I never found out if it was an allergy to something, but with all the tests, at least they were able to rule out the things I was mostly afraid of...cancer, brain trauma, death. It's funny, because I was so afraid of going to the doctor because I didn't want to know if I was dying, but it was such a relief to find out I wasn't.
I really hope she goes...soon. It could be something minor. I wonder if it's some sort of epilepsy that could be easily treated. Anyway, my prayers are with her...and your whole family.