Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And then there's Sunday

Sunday morning we ended up getting to sleep in until 7:30.  I love it when Aiden doesn't get up before the sun.  Aiden and I ate breakfast with Brenda (Travis slept in a little) and then I got food together for Ariel's birthday party.  Brenda's birthday was Sunday, so she made plans to go meet a friend for lunch and the afternoon.  Ariel's birthday was Saturday.  To celebrate, we went over at lunch time and I made lunch for everyone.  Chicken, basil and mozzarella sandwiches, pasta salad, Caesar salad, brussel sprouts and mushrooms.  All of Ariel's favorites!

Ariel had a party at her house that night, so she was cleaning the house.  Robert and Travis drove off in search of a keg tap.  Typical guys - abandoning ship when we really need their help.  Psh.

Aiden WOULD NOT go down for his nap that afternoon, so of course he was cranky by 4 pm.  Since we were planning to stay for a while, I decided to try putting him down for a nap again.  He fell asleep at 5 and I fell asleep right with him.  I slept for an hour and then rolled out of bed.  I could hear guests talking downstairs and figured I should be social.  Brenda ended up falling asleep soon after I got up.  We're just a tired family!

Aiden got up at 7, an hour before his bedtime.  So we stayed at Ariel's until 9pm.  On a school night.  I know, I know.  BAD MOMMY.  But Aiden had a great time running around with the other kids. 

Travis had fallen asleep around 8 because he drank two Four Loko's.  Nasty stuff.  Hopefully he won't ever drink it again.  It gave him hot flashes and he felt like crap, soon after finishing the second one.  Then he had a horrific hangover the next day.  It's an energy drink mixed with 14% alcohol.  Ridiculous. 

So!  That was my weekend!  I feel like I haven't done a weekend recap in forever.  I've got some photos, but first I have to find the time to go through them.  It's taken me three separate sit-downs to write this post.  When did life get so chaotic?

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