Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wait, what did we do this weekend?

I sat down to write this post about the weekend and could not, for the life of me, remember what we did.  That is ridiculous as it is only Monday.  But, I am tired AND busy.  Not that great of a combination.  After some thought, I remembered what we did.  LOTS of stuff. 

Saturday we went to Landry's second birthday party at the Children's Museum in Houston.  The last time we went was in January, when Aiden was a year and a half old.  We stayed in the Tot Spot, which if you couldn't deduce, is a spot separated for babies and toddlers.  This time we ventured into the world of big kids on the first floor.  It was pretty chaotic, but it was interesting to watch Aiden play next to the big kids.  He got knocked over several times, but handled himself well. 

His favorite area was the water play.  I had no idea there was a water section.  He was soaked.  Luckily we had a mismatched pair of clothes that were too small for him in the bottom of the diaper bag, so he looked pretty cool after the water play. We sat outside at picnic benches to open presents, then we headed up to the Tot Spot for a little while.  After that, we headed outside to eat cupcakes before tying our sugar-rush children in their car seats.  Aiden also enjoyed a box of Nerds, so he was pretty wired by the time we made it to dinner.

For dinner, we met Travis' mom Brenda at Freebird's near our house.  Her plane got in around noon and she is here for the week.  Aiden was SO excited to see her.  I think he likes to say "Grandma" because he just says it over and over.  I wonder if he knows this is a different grandma from the one he talks to on the phone?  LOL! 

Aiden was SO good at dinner.  He has been miserable the last few times we went out to eat, so honestly I was dreading this meal.  I don't know if it's because Grandma was there, or if it's because he was hungry and still riding a sugar high.  Either way, I enjoyed it. 

After dinner we headed home and chatted in the living room.  We let Aiden stay up a little late so Brenda could see him and to increase the chances of sleeping in a little Sunday morning...

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