Monday, October 10, 2011

We're Funny

Right as I was planning to leave the reception with my insanely sleepy son, my cousin Michelle suggested we get together for a cousin's photo.  We were unsuccessful at corralling the groom, as he was busy doing groom things.  And we were missing our cousin Katie in Arizona because she was 9 months pregnant.  I say was because she had her baby Friday.  Grayson Michael, 10 lbs, 2 oz.  YIKES.

Besides those two, this is all of us.  Being goofy.

I was trying to get everyone to hold me for the first photo, but they didn't understand.  Obviously.

By the time Jason showed up, they were on board with the concept.  Except we weren't strong enough to hold him.  Instead I think we just overstretched his hamstring.

And here's the best shot.  Some people aren't looking at the camera, some people are being goofy.  But at least we're somewhat organized.

From left to right:  Ariel, Alex, Mike, Michelle, Chris, me, Kim, Matt, Darren and Jason.  The little one in front is Mike's daughter Lily.  It was an excellent trip.

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