Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Couple Firsts

Several weeks ago we had a family crawfish boil at our house.  My dad has never been to a crawfish boil and we've never had one at our house.  Two first in one night!  I thought we did really well considering we didn't have any Cajuns around to show us how it's done.

My pops and I

Callaway the cowboy
Callaway used to have a horrible rash when he lived with  us.  We took him to the doctor a bunch of times to find that it was just allergies.  We treated with steroids and antibiotics until it went away.  Then of course, it would come back in a month.  Within a month of living with my dad in Illinois, his rash was gone.  Apparently Callaway is allergic to something, or several somethings, here in Texas because a couple weeks after being here it came back.  My dad has been back in Illinois for a week and the rash is already gone.  I think that just goes to show Callaway was meant to be with my dad!

The guys let Aiden help out by cleaning the crawfish.

Load 'em up!

Dinner is served
We kept the crawfish in the cooler after they were finished cooking.  It was a brilliant idea that kept the crawfish hot for hours.  

Gpa liked the crawfish.  Aiden thought it was too spicy.

Getting lessons on how to peel a crawfish.

Auntie Ariel helped Aiden get ready for bed.

Well fed and Aiden was heading to bed.

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