Monday, March 26, 2012


I most definitely did more than my prego body can handle this weekend.  I think part of the problem is I went into the weekend already tired.  Travis didn't come home Wednesday or Thursday night because he was hanging out with Alex.  Friday night, our friend David came over for dinner.  I called it a night at 11 pm because I was exhausted from taking care of Aiden all by my lonesome for several days.  Plus, my normal bedtime is 10.  I can't handle much past that.  Travis flopped into bed at 4 am.  He may have fallen asleep for a bit on the couch before that, but not for too long. 

I think waking up frequently in the middle of the night (to use the restroom, to figure out where Travis is, when Travis flops into bed, etc) is one reason I'm so exhausted.  Plus, then I have to get up early for work.  I was so grateful when Aiden slept in until 8:15 on Saturday.  That is unheard of, but I'm not complaining!

I made pancakes for everyone Saturday morning.  Stephanie stopped by to pick up David, so we got to catch up for a bit over coffee.  As soon as Aiden woke up from his nap, we drove up to the Ramby's for Blair's birthday party.  Aiden LOVED the Transformers theme and had a great time running around with all the kids.  It was surprisingly hot out, so all the kiddos had rosy cheeks.  There were lots of juice boxes being passed around.  David, Stephanie and the Yeager's were there, plus all of Chris and Alexa's other friends.  We stayed for cake, but had to leave before the presents were opened and the pinata was set up.

Aiden was so upset.  He REALLY did not want to leave.  But we had made prior arrangments to go into Houston for the night, so we needed to get Aiden back to the babysitter.  Our friend Shannon's daughter watched him for the night.  This is the first time we've ever paid a sitter to come to our house.  I was really nervous about how Aiden would react, but he seemed to do fine.  I turned on Spiderman 2 before the sitter arrived and ordered a pizza.  The pizza came right when we were leaving, so there were plenty of distractions for him.  I think the only hiccup of the night was when Aiden refused to brush his teeth.  But if that's the worst of it, then I'll take it!

For our child-free night out, we went to dinner and the Improv (a comedy club) with David, Stephanie and another of their couple-friends.  We ate Japanese food for dinner right next to the club, then walked over for the show.  The main show of the night?  Pauly Shore!  We had seats on the main floor, only two tables away from the stage.  The two comedians up before him were both really funny, one of which was Sandy Danto.  He did a great Chris Farley impression.  I always forget how much I love seeing stand up.  I told Travis a few months back that if we can work it out, I'd like to go see someone for my birthday. 

Anyway, Pauly Shore was pretty awesome.  I was nervous about how funny he would actually be, but it wasn't bad.  Although, afterward I felt really bad for him.  He made fun of himself a lot and we all just laughed at it.  Kind of sad, right?  There was a section of his skit that was all political.  I really wasn't into it.

I was the DD and we rolled in right at 1:30 am.  I was about to PASS OUT.  The sitter gave us a quick recap of the night and then was off.  Of course, I couldn't just go flop into bed like Travis did.  I was starving by this point.  And since I wasn't drunk and able to ignore the hunger pangs, I reheated some of the leftover pizza.  Yummo.

Sunday morning I got up with Aiden at 7.  He was really tired, so he stayed inside and watched TV.  I went outside to alternate laundry and yard work.  Aiden was out of clean underwear and I had some seeds I wanted to plant ASAP.  Travis slept in until 11 and I left at noon for a baby shower in Houston (my friend from college is due three weeks after me).  I left a honey-do list for Travis and couldn't believe it when I got home and he had knocked everything off the list.  On top of that, my friend from work stopped by to pick up our old computer desk, which means we now have room to put together the wardrobe from IKEA. 

I'm hoping to muster up enough energy to help Travis set it up tonight.  I can't wait until that thing is ready to go because then I will be able to set up Mila in the house.  I feel SO under prepared for this child, it's ridiculous.  I have 8 weeks left until she is due and we haven't done a single thing to get ready for her.  It's a complete 180 from last time. 

I'm thinking I might splurge on a cup of coffee around 3 to give me the energy to keep going tonight.  I'm still trying to think of something easy for dinner so I spend less time cooking and more time putting together furniture...


Sara's Satire said... have been a busy little bee! Tell Travis to stop flopping around all the time! LOL

JR and I got into a "almost" huge fight the other night...He asked when you guys were coming, so I told him and then asked why he wanted to know. He said he was going to wait on Travis to get here because he had a list of stuff to do. I was really confused, so I was like what are you talking about. He said, we (and then counts each thing off on his fingers), I am going to get Travis to help do the floors, then I need him to help install the garage door opener, then we need to buy some fans that I will have him install, and hopefully we will have the TV so I can get him to help me mount it!

I was so furious. I started in about how, we would NOT be waiting to lay the floors, AND we would not ask our guest to take a weekend off work to relax only to put him to work...I started getting really worked up and the BA$*@*D started laughing. Then he asked if I really thought he would do something like that...I was like, well yeah - your a man! Then he told me how gullible I was. UGHHH Later on, I told him that I wish he wouldn't do stuff like that to me, and he just laughed. When I told him that I would be helping him do all the stuff he mentioned...he said he would rather be married to response - "Wouldn't we all." Ha, then it was my turn to laugh! Anyway, I just thought it was funny!

Nikki said...

OMG JR!! I could see him asking for help in moving something heavy, but I about crapped my pants when you started off with that list. LOL!

I think you've been just as busy as Travis usually is lately. You've done all sorts of stuff to your new house and the packing/moving. You're a busy bee as well!

Travis does flop a lot while drunk... Gah.

Sara's Satire said...

Well, IF we have the TV by the time you guys get here...I MAY ask Travis to help mount it, I am not sure what goes into mounting a tv, but if it involves me trying to hold a 60" up by myself, I dont think I can do it...LOL that is a BIG IF considering I am still waiting on my floor samples, and the floors have to be bought before a tv...but JR and I will have that done before you guys get her (hopefully), as for the other stuff on his "list". That stuff is so far down the road, I should have known he was just being dumb. We have so many projects to accomplish before we worry about fans or garage door openers! LOL plus, I realized later on that everything is already pre-wired in the house...I should really think about things before I get so worked up....but seriously - he purposely tries to irritate me. Last night he told me that he would rather get a 70" tv than do the floors....once again, I got mad and started to throw a tantrum - and again he laughs and says its so easy to irritate me! UGHH....I told him he needs to find something new to amuse helping me PAINT! LOL