Monday, March 5, 2012

Museum and a Nursery

SO BEHIND.  Last weekend we went to the Houston Children's Museum with my dad.  I had a Groupon that was about to expire, so we needed to get that out of the way.  My dad was only availabe in the morning since he had plans with Ariel that afternoon.  We got up Saturday morning and got on the road right away. 

Aiden really seemed to enjoy the museum.  We've been there with him three times before.  Twice while he when he was younger and we went to the Tot Spot, a section geared more towards babies and toddling toddlers.  Aiden has quickly outgrown this section.  Last time we went, we hung out outside in the water play area.  This time, we hit up the make-believe section.  They have all these different rooms that are set up as some sort of a business and your child can go through and act like an employee. 

First, we hit up the bike repair shop:

Soooo, should I keep posting these sideways photos? Or are they not worth it?

Second, we went through the emergency area - ambulance (complete with an injured dummy for shocking with paddles), police car and police station.

Oh look.  This one is normal.  WTF.

Third, was the grocery store.

Aiden really got into each place.  At the grocery store, they had baskets for the kids and a grocery list so they could walk through and pick out the items from their list.  Aiden pulled a 'Travis' and picked up a few extra items.  Travis is known for randomly needing Oreos on his rare trips to the store.

Fourth, was the diner.

Oh this one is completely upside-down. Awesome.
Travis sat at the bar while Aiden made him lasagna and got him a milk.

Soon after that was the meltdown.  It was lunch time, but he through a fit when I said we had to leave the play area for a bit to get something to eat.  I knew he was hungry and we were approaching nap time.  I hoped that we could just get him to the snack bar and then he'd get better after he ate.  Sadly, this did not happen.  He kept crying so we never got into the food area.  We decided it was probably best to just leave.

Aiden passed out in the car, THANK GOD.  After we'd been on the road for a bit, I asked my dad if he wanted to stop at a nursery on the way home.  He'd mentioned he wanted to ask for advice and ideas on filling in the new plant beds that we created next to the sidewalk.  I was hoping Aiden would stay asleep, so Travis could nap as well. 

Unfortunately, Aiden woke up with an intense need to poo a few minutes after my dad and I got out of the car.  Of course he didn't actually poop during the first visit to the bathroom.  He started complaining about his tummy hurting so we rushed back to the bathroom.  Of course, by this point a line had started.  Thankfully Aiden was wearing a Pull up because he had diarrhea before we were able to get on the toilet.  He was so distraught about not making it to the potty.  Plus, he was uncomfortable from his tummy ache.  Poor guy.

My dad and I tried to get some advice while Aiden played in the car with Travis.  We got stuck talking to a woman who was all too ready to talk plants.  After 45 minutes I had to just cut her off and say thanks.  She kept talking for a few more minutes, which made my neck itch with irritation.  Aiden slept for the ride home, but it was not nearly a long enough nap for him.  I felt good about the good parts of the day.  I guess it was all worth it.  Ha.

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