Monday, March 19, 2012

Making MORE Room

You know what's hard to do?  Pee while having a contraction.  Problem is, peeing frequently sets off a Braxton-Hicks contraction. Being pregnant is awesome. 

We had a full weekend.  Saturday morning I threw some corned beef in the crock pot and we left first thing for IKEA.  Sadly, we got on the road to Houston an hour and half later than I wanted because Travis had some errands to run.  We did stop for donuts and kolaches (which, down here, are basically pigs in a blanket) on the way up.  My new unfortunate craving is cake donuts and coffee.  Mmmm.  I now understand the purpose of decaf coffee.  I used to think it was a pointless invention.  I know better now.

Things went as well as can be expected at IKEA.  I always leave for this store hopeful and excited.  I leave really stoked about the new furniture we acquired, but I am tired from wondering aimlessly through the Largest Store On The Planet and the thought of putting together all that furniture is daunting.  Oh and this time we had Aiden with us.  I think this was his first time there.  I can't remember what we did last time we went.  Maybe he was there, but he was in a stroller?

Anyhoo, I had a game plan going in.  It is easy to spend the entire day at that store and I just wasn't up for that in my 7-months-pregnant state.  We had three pieces of furniture pre-chosen and then there were few items I wanted to keep my eye out for.  I was irritated to find they had discontinued the computer desk I chose online.  It was perfect for what we needed - small, with a hanging file drawer.  This was the first section we stopped in and the area we spent the longest in.  That was partly due to the fact that we had to figure out what we would get in place of the discontinued item and partly due to the fact that Aiden was dealing with some constipation that required two trips to the bathroom.  That place is a complete maze.  I can't believe I made it to the bathroom and back TWICE.

There were a few other minor hiccups.  They didn't have the fabric I originally picked out, and there were a few random items I was looking for and was unable to find anywhere.  Here is what we DID get:
  • Wow.  Drawing a blank on the exact desk we chose, but I know we got the MICKE file drawer, a small lamp, a chair and a box to store bills out of sight.
  • HEMNES dresser for our bedroom.
  • ASPELUND wardrobe for the guest bedroom.
  • Fabric for reupholstering the kitchen chairs.
  • Two pots for plants on the patio.
I plan to take photos of everything as we complete it, but there's no telling when we'll get around to it.  I think I'm going to push Travis to help me put together the wardrobe this week.  It will probably take us several days, but as soon as that is together, I can start washing and bringing Mila's clothes in the house.  It's rough doing all this while I'm pregnant because I can't help with any of the heavy lifting.  In order to make room for the wardrobe, we need to move the computer desk out to the garage until a friend from work can come pick it up.  We may have to enlist a friend to stop by and help move that monster...

I am thrilled the ball is rolling!

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