Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dad's Chili

Yes, it's dark and blurry, but it is a rare photo of the three of us together.  (Plus Toby - can you spot him?)

Saturday, Aiden and I went over to Ariel's so I could hang out with my dad while Aiden napped.  Travis had to work that morning, so we made plans for him to meet us down there for dinner.  Aiden refused to go to sleep on time, so he only got half a nap in before I had to rouse him.  The first day my dad got here he announced that he would be taking us to see The Lorax when it came out. (Side note: Did you hear Zac Efron dropped a condom on the red carpet premiere for The Lorax???  AWKWARD.)

It was the perfect movie to see in theaters with Aiden.  We took him to see Puss in Boots (his first movie in theaters) because we really wanted to take him to a movie and that was in theaters that weekend.  This movie was more his style.  He was held captive for the majority of the film.  Only a couple times did he unfreeze to laugh or point at the screen.  My dad loved it.  Auntie Ariel bought him popcorn, but he was more interested in her peanut M&M's.  Kid loves M&M's - all kinds. 

After the movie, we went back to Ariel's house for dinner.  My dad made chili.  I miss his chili.  I need to write down the recipe before he leaves.  Chili from the north is more soup-like than the thick beanless stuff they make down here (okay, there might be a bean or two, but it is mostly ground beef).  I like them both, but I miss the northern version.  My dad settled my sweet tooth with brownies for dessert (that's why I'm so smiley in the photo above).  Aiden was being horrific by this point.  An hour-nap was not sufficient for a late night, so we headed home.

It was an ideal weekend.  Aiden didn't come wake me up until after 7 each morning.  I've been trying to teach him not to come in until there is a 7 in the first spot on the clock.  It worked this weekend.  I'm hoping it continues to work.  At first I thought he just happened to sleep in until the appropriate time for me.  But Sunday morning, I got up to go get him some milk and a cup of cereal while he watched cartoons in our bed, I noticed he had turned on the lamp above the clock in his room.  There were a bunch of books spread out on the nightstand like he'd been reading there by the light of the lamp awaiting 7 o'clock.  Again, I'm not sure if this is blind luck or if he really is beginning to understand time. 

The other reason the weekend was so great is I did not plan anything in the mornings.  That meant I didn't have to rush to get us ready immediately after waking up.  It was GREAT.  I need to make more of an effort to do this.  I'm just too tired to be running around all the time.  It was also nice to be around the house in the so I could catch up on simple things like dishes and laundry.  Note to self.

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