Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Frequently Used Snooze Button

Things are a little better. Mila can do an 8-hour stretch of sleep. The trick is timing it to be when we go to bed as well. I've been trying to get her to take her last bottle at 10, but most of the time she doesn't want to wake up. Because of her stuffy nose she wakes up angry several times per night. She goes right back to sleep but it still wakes me up.

We're attempting to transition Aiden out of Pull Ups at night. He's doing great without them at naptime. Sometimes he does good at night, sometimes he wets the bed. We should probably hold off on this until Mila is over her cold. Too much at once!

I've started to fear going to bed. Being awake but tired is much easier to handle than falling asleep and having to wake 3 to 5 times throughout the night.

I don't remember it being this difficult with Aiden. I need to go back and read my blog posts from after I had him. Maybe it's one of those things that you just forget. There is a conference room down the hall from my desk that is usually dark. It calls my name as I pass by every time. I just want to curl up under that conference table and never get up again.

Tonight is Travis' night to get up with Mila if she wakes up. I'm thinking about sleeping on the couch because even when it's his night I still wake up. The couch isn't my favorite place to sleep but at this point I'll do anything for consecutive blocks of sleep.

Last night Travis, Mila and I all passed out as soon as we put Aiden to bed at 8:15. I had set my alarm for 10 to feed Mila one more time. I woke to the sounds of Aiden playing in the living room. I'm assuming he'd had free roam of the house since we fell asleep. When he woke up at 4 AM because he wet the bed he fought going back to sleep. WHY DOESN'T THAT KID LIKE SLEEPING???


Alexa said...

It's easy for me to say since I have already gotten through this stage with Skylar, but it will pass. Soon she will be snoozing the night away. It'll fly by. It sounds like you are already really lucky that she is doing 8 hours!

We STILL let Blair wear a pull up to bed. I am too lazy to enforce the no pull ups thing. He (obviously) doesn't wear them during the day and I went a few nights up in Ohio without one and he didn't have any accidents. I am just letting him go at his own pace.

Also, does Aiden have nightmares? Maybe that is why he is waking? Just an idea since we have had that with Blair. We stopped letting him watch shows/movies that were above his age bracket so to speak and it helped, A LOT. I think that those types of things might cause nightmares since they have such active imaginations. Just a thought.

Sara's Satire said...

I feel like it was sooo much harder with Landry than it was with Logan. I'm not really sure why, but when I think of Logan as an infant I have happy memories. Of course I remember being tired I would fall asleep while pumping, but there is nothing to compare to how tired I was with Landry. Since I nursed her I was constantly afraid I would fall asleep while nursing and would smother her.

At least Aiden is waking up when he wets the bed...Landry no longer wears a pull up or diaper to bed, but she has had a few accidents and she sleeps through them...YUCK! She will go a week with out an accident and then have two or three the next week. Luckily we haven't had an accident in about two weeks. Just keep it up with Aiden. It may increase your laundry load for a week or two, but it will be worth it when you are only buying one kid diapers! As for his sleeping...Landry is also an early bird. DRIVES ME NUTS! He may just be one of those kids who doesn't sleep much. I know it sucks as the parent that needs the sleep, but as long as he is isn't falling over from exhaustion at random times, he is probably getting the sleep he needs. We ended up just getting rid of Logan's nap when he was around 3 because he wouldn't sleep at night if he took a nap. He still takes one every once in a while, but for the most part he doesn't. I would rather him skip a nap and sleep from 9pm - 8am, than take an hour or two nap and not go to bed until 1am-2am and wake up at 8am. You just have to figure out what works for you. It's all such a "discovery" phase for the first 6 months or so. just remember, you will eventually get to sleep again! Good Luck - I hope it gets better soon!