Monday, July 16, 2012

Looooong Weekend

I am EXHAUSTED.  Mila was released from the hospital yesterday at 5 pm.  She never developed more than a fever and a booger nose.  She was really tired on Saturday, but I'm sure that's because they kept her up so late with the poking and prodding.  Her doctor was an infectious disease doctor, which turned out to be a godsend.  He didn't freak out about her fever and immediately do a lumbar puncture.  Apparently that's standard procedure when babies under two months have a fever.  Because she was exhibiting cold symptoms (she also had a slight cough) and her brother had the exact same thing at home, he didn't jump the gun.  I am very thankful.  She was poked enough (blood draw and a catheter to get urine).  No need to get her in the back as well!

I stayed at the hospital all day Saturday.  Travis came back up late that afternoon to trade me places.  I went home for a much needed shower, ate dinner and went straight to bed.  We postponed my birthday party that was originally planned for Saturday night.  For dinner we ate leftovers from the dinner my mom made for my birthday on Friday, since I didn't get any - fish tacos.  Aiden woke up once in the middle of the night.  I heard his door open so I went to see what he was doing.  When I asked what he was doing, he said Phage pooped in his room.  I didn't see or smell anything, so I asked him where.  He pointed to a few spots by the door.  I picked them up with a tissue and realized it was vomit, not poo.  When I went to flush it in the toilet, I found a giant clump of cat vomit wrapped in toilet paper already in the toilet.  Aiden had cleaned up Phage's mess.  Aiden likes to help, but sometimes I think he tackles tasks bigger than he's capable of doing.

Travis said Saturday night was fairly uneventful - just the regular vitals checks from the RN.  Her last recorded fever was Saturday afternoon.  I fed Aiden breakfast and headed up to trade spots with Travis.  I was hoping he'd go home and rest, but he chose to clean the house instead.  Someday this refusal to rest is going to catch up with him.  I spent Sunday afternoon with Mila just watching TV and playing around on Pinterest and Facebook (all accessible on my phone).  I was ecstatic when they finally let us leave at 5. 

For dinner, my mom and Travis made broccoli-cheese soup with bread.  We have a lot of food from the cancelled party we need to eat.  We'll save the canned and boxed foods, but the perishables won't last until we can reschedule.

Last night was miserable.  Mila's nose was completely stopped up last night . She won't drink more than an ounce or two of formula before she gets too angry about not being able to breathe.  Since Travis had horrible sleep at the hospital Saturday night, I stayed up with her last night.  She was awake off and on until midnight.  She had horrible gurgling out the nose until that point.  When she woke this morning she seemed to be able to breathe better.  Not perfect, but MUCH better than last night.

The daycare won't use the booger bulb.  I'm really bummed because I know that means she will have a really hard time eating today.  I asked if they had any other kids sick last week and they said there were a few that went home in Aiden's class.  Bummer.  Hopefully we've seen the worst of it.  I need some sleep.

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Alexa said...

I'm glad everyone is doing well now. I am not sure what I would have done had my 7-8 week old had a fever. Very stressful. On top of it, you are still settling in with having 2 kids. You did not have an easy transition into 30 years old! Think positive though. Two beautiful kids a great husband and a career! Yippeee!