Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can you die of sleep deprivation?

Mila's sniffles never went away after her stay in the hospital.  It got worse the weekend after and now it seems to be slowly dissipating.  The problem now is that the mucous seems to have thickened, making her cough all night.  Last night she developed a raspy cough/voice.  Poor thing. 

Before bed, I turned on the vaporizer, hoping it would help loosen things up a bit.  Her cough kept waking me up until I finally got out of bed at 2 AM and did the saline spray and booger bulb.  I think that helped her breathe better.  But her cough persisted.  It got to the point where I had a momentary anxiety attack that she might have whooping cough.  I suppose it's still a possibility, but after visiting the Mayo Clinic website I decided there's not much I can do yet.  She doesn't have a fever and she doesn't cough to the point of turning red or blue, or vomiting.  According to Mayo, that's when I should take her to the doctor.  Hopefully we don't get to that point. 

4 o'clock rolled around and she was ready to eat.  It was Travis' night to feed her, but it still kept me up.  I feel like a zombie today.  I hit snooze three times and finally got out of bed after Travis' alarm went off.  I got up to make coffee and Aiden came running out of his bedroom immediately demanding milk and cereal.  I swear he was waiting at his door for one of us to get up.  I still don't understand why that kid only sleeps 7-8 hours a night.  Is that even okay for a small child??

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