Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days

Mila will be four months old on the 18th.  It's depressing how quickly time flies.  She rolled over for the first time three weeks ago (front to back) and I have yet to see this happen.  Travis has seen her do it three times.  They said she does it all the time at daycare.  She mostly sleeps when I have her in the evening.  I was hoping to see her in action this weekend, but it was a no go.  I haven't even walked into the room to find her already on her stomach.  I'm starting to wonder if everyone is making it up.

I've been looking at photos of Mila recently and I've decided she officially no longer looks like a little newborn.  She is a big chunky girl that can hold her head up just fine.  We're working on the torso now.  I can't quite prop her up on my hip yet. 

It cooled down enough for us to take Mila outside this weekend.

She loves to look around. When Mila's on the ground, she immediately rolls to her side so she can watch whatever Aiden is doing. When she's on her stomach, her head is held up high. If we're holding her, she will turn her head towards the action - sometimes that means she's trying to swivel her entire body around.

She is such a good baby.  She is always so happy and alert.  Mila is already exhibiting characteristics that remind me of her brother.  She HATES sleeping.  She fights naptime tooth and nail.  Sometimes, the only way I can get her to sleep is by putting a blanket over her eyes.  Her teachers said she barely sleeps at daycare, which explains why she falls asleep on the car ride home and doesn't wake up until the next morning.  I wake her up for a couple bottles before going to bed, but she always goes right back to sleep.  Crazy kid.

Mila drools SO MUCH.  I forgot Aiden did this.  He used to get a rash on his chin from all the drooling he did.  I used to have to put Vaseline on his chin to help protect it from the saliva.  Ick.  Mila hasn't reached that point just yet.  Instead of teething rings, I give her a burp cloth to chew on.  Gives her something to do AND it absorbs the drool. I think because of this, her favorite toy has quickly become the little blanket with a plush giraffe head sewn in the center (similar to this).  If I give her multiple toys to chew on, that one always ends up in her grip.  When she's drinking from her bottle, she likes to hold onto a blanket as well. I need to go buy another one we can leave at the daycare!

Aiden loves her.  He is always giving her hugs and kisses.  If he can't find her, he asks, "Where's Mila?"  When she cries, he shushes her and says, "It's okay Mila!"  He likes to do goofy things to make her laugh.  They're going to be such a pair. 

Sunday morning cartoons with Aiden and Phage.

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Sara's Satire said...

This whole blog made me think of my babies at that age. Logan was such a sweet heart to his baby sister. He still is, but now that she's old enough, they argue sometimes, so it's no longer all sweet smelling roses. I will say that he still looks after, if she falls down, he kisses her boo boo and gives her hugs. He still does silly things to make her laugh, and she does them in return. While I miss the sweet moments of them being babies, it's nice that they still continue to love on each other, even if it only lasts a few minutes before they start fighting! LOL
Aiden is already a great big brother...it only gets better!