Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Kids are Growing Up

Last night I was helping Aiden get ready for bed...  I don't really do anything.  I'm more like a referee.  When he gets sidetracked, I just steer him back into action. Anyway, he announced that he didn't want to wear a Pull-Up to bed.  He wanted to wear his underwear.  I explained that he couldn't go pee in his pants.  If he had to go in the middle of the night, he would need to get up and use the potty.  He seemed on board with it, and who am I to stifle his growth?

I was laying in bed trying to force my eyes open after my alarm went off this morning when I heard Aiden come out of his room.  He went straight to the bathroom, used the facilities, and then headed back into his room.  MY BOY STAYED DRY THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!  I can't even believe it!  I know it's only one time, but this is so exciting.  It would be fabulous if I didn't have to buy Pull-Ups anymore!  Not that we go through them very fast, but still - one less thing to pay for.  

Then!  He picked out his clothes for preschool, got dressed, pulled out his socks and shoes and came to me for help.  We just bought new Spiderman light-up shoes, so he likes to do the Velcro himself.  Seriously, could this be any more exciting??

Every morning, Travis gets Mila dressed for daycare.  It makes me chuckle every time I see him holding up a onesie to a skirt to see if it matches.  Anyway, I have noticed some of Mila's clothes have been a little snug lately, so I asked him to find a 6-month outfit.  It fit so well.  My almost-4-month-old is wearing 6-month clothes already!  =(

Where has the time gone?


Sara's Satire said...

So Funny! First, congrats to Aiden for staying dry! It is awesome not to have to buy diapers or pull ups. Just remember, if he can do it once...he can do it twice! Yes, there will still be accidents, but that's to be expected. The first 2 weeks Landry went without, I think I had to wash the sheets 5 times! It's a hassle, but it's just a part of it. Second, AWESOME job picking out his clothes. I have to lay Logan's out for him each morning. He STILL asks me to help dress him on the mornings he is sluggish. Our biggest problem is buttons. He has such a hard time figuring out how to button his shorts. Ughhh
Next, kudos to Travis! This cracks me up, but doesn't really surprise me. You have a pretty stylish husband. I would not, could not trust JR to put together an ensemble. A) He's color blind, literally. B) I shudder to think what he would come up with...actually to be fair, the few times he has gotten Landry's clothes together, he does a pretty good job. For Logan...umm, no! The thing is, I think he just picks the easiest items and decides to put them together, things with no buttons, or zippers. Then he pairs the outfit with the easiest shoes...and that's pretty much where the disaster is!
Last but not least, I have gone through the kids closets and have some clothes for you! Not so much for Aiden, but for Mila. I guess Logan has gotten to the stage where the growth spurts aren't coming every 3 months anymore! LOL I know Mila is 2.5 years younger than Landry so it's a long time to keep the clothes in storage, but most of the stuff is 2T. Plus, there are several pairs of shoes for you too. They are too cute to throw away, so I will give them to you and let you decide what you like and dont like. I probably wont be down that way for another few months (Thanksgiving, or Christmas) so I will just bring it then!

Nikki said...

Yay! Thank you Sara! I don't mind storing the clothes for a while. We still have all the storage bins from when we did it for Aiden. I much prefer hand-me-downs. 1) It's much more cost efficient. 2) It doesn't feel like as much of a waste considering they only wear the dang things for 3 months, like you said!

I still end up having to buy some things because the sizes don't always match up perfectly to the season. Right now I REALLY need to buy Aiden some PJ's and Mila desperately needs some 6m clothes. I like shopping for them though!