Tuesday, September 18, 2012

50% of my kids are diaper-free

Aiden has been Pull-Up-free for five days now, with ZERO accidents.  To celebrate, we went and bought more underwear this weekend.  We loaded up on the superhero underwear.  

I cannot get over how much growing both Aiden and Mila have been doing lately.  Aiden has been bringing home worksheets he did at preschool where he traces letters.  Last night he was retracing the 'A' worksheet when he asked if he could cut it.  (He loves using scissors.)  Sure why not?!  We're just going to throw it in the trash.  He then proceeded to cut on the lines between each row of letters!

Last Thursday when I picked him up from daycare, I was talking to him about what we should bring in for Show and Tell the following day.  It was supposed to be the color of the week, red, or start with the letter of the week, 'A'.  I asked him what starts with the letter 'a', not really expecting a correct response when he rattles off, "Ant... Alligator... Acorn... Apple..."  I'm sure he's just regurgitating what he's learned at daycare, but it surprised the pants off of me!

Mila WAS sleeping through the night for a few weeks, but then she developed a nasty cough.  When it was really bad, we found that she slept better in her vibrating chair.  It kept her elevated so the congestion would drain properly.  But now that she only has two or three coughing fits per day, I want her in her crib.  The chair makes me nervous.  Sadly, she has one coughing fit per night.  It always wakes me up and for some reason it always happens between 3:30 and 4:30 in the morning.  It wakes her up enough that she realizes she's hungry, so she won't go back to sleep.  

I think I've figured out the trick to getting her back to sleep.  She doesn't like to be swaddled, but at the same time, she keeps herself up with all the restless arm movements she does when she's fussy.  She rubs her face a lot, which inevitably knocks the pacifier out of her mouth.  Now, I just hold her arms on her chest until she calms down.  Then I leave her to fall asleep.  It works!  I taught Travis this morning so he can help me out.  We take turns getting up with Mila at night.  We need to work together to get her back in the habit of sleeping through the night.  It's amazing how much more aware I am when I get a full-night's sleep.

(PS - I still have not seen her roll over.)

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