Thursday, September 6, 2012

Awkward Stage

I am at a weird inbetween stage with my clothes right now.  So far I have been wearing my maternity clothes, but lately some of them have ceased to fit me.  Now I just look pregnant when I wear them.  BUT, I don't quite fit most of my pre-pregnancy clothes. 

I don't remember this being such a huge issue after I had Aiden and I've come to a conclusion.  After I had Aiden, I was working in a lab where I could wear jeans and a t-shirt if I so desired.  Many of my jeans are stretch fabric, which makes them easy to fit if my body size is within a certain range.  This time around, I'm working at a job that requires me to dress up a bit.  That means fitted pants, skirts and tops.  I don't have many clothes appropriate for this position.  I was hoping to go shopping after I'd lost the baby weight, but I'm lost as to what to do during this transition time.  I'd hate to go purchase clothes that fit me now only to put them in storage after I lose the weight.

My clothes are DRIVING ME BATTY.  When they are too loose, I feel like I'm in a bag.  Plus, I have to wear a tank top underneath so nothing is exposed when the fabric flaps around when I go outside.  When my clothes are too tight, I'm uncomfortable.  I'm constantly aware of some section digging in, or the shirt rides up constantly.

What's troubling me lately is wondering how long it will take me to get back to pre-pregnancy (or at least really close).  With Aiden, it took me about seven months.  I didn't lose the last 7 lbs until after I had quit breastfeeding.  This time, I had hoped my weight would drop easier when I quit breastfeeding as well.  It probably would've helped if I'd breastfed for a little longer (since it does help you lose most of your weight).

I'm losing about a pound every two weeks.  I still have 11 lbs to lose.  At this rate, I won't be back to my pre-pregnancy weight until February.  Do I really want to deal with too-tight and too-loose clothing until then??  I have been asked on three separate occasions when I am due.  I am so tired of fighting back the tears while explaining that I have a 3-month old at home.  I wish I had the energy to speed up this weight loss.


Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY feel your pain. I have been wearing the same clothes over and over again because NOTHING FITS. I feel fat in the pre-pregnancy clothes and I feel pregnant in the maternity clothes. I have about 10 pounds to go too, and that's just enough to make choosing your daily attire difficult.
If you find any solution, send it my way!
Hope you're feeling well :)

Nikki said...

YES! EXACTLY! I weigh myself every Monday and I'm always disappointed when it hasn't changed. Today for example. Ugh. I guess I'm going to have to wear the same 5 shirts over and over until I can start squeezing into my old clothes. It sucks, but I don't plan for this to be forever.