Thursday, July 24, 2008

4 Star Casa

I don't know what is going on, and I'm not complaining, but Travis has made us dinner EVERY night since I got back from Illinois. Without me having to ask! I can't help but wonder if his being forced to fend for himself for a week broadened his view on the domestic life. I am generally the one who prepares dinner every night and I also do the bulk of the daily work around the house (i.e. dishes, kitty litter, etc). Travis will always help me if I ask, but in general I just do it. He used to make dinner every once in a while, but it usually consisted of tacos or spaghetti or frozen pizza. I am ecstatic to say that he has not made any of those meals ALL WEEK. On top of that he has been doing the dishes and cleaning the kitty litter. Again, without me having to ask!

Sunday night we went out to dinner. It was meant to just be for appetizers and margaritas, but we were both hungry by the time we got there. Monday he prepared seasoned chicken breasts, served over bow tie pasta with a side of green beans. Tuesday he made lasagna Hamburger Helper (easy, but still awesome) and I prepared the salad. And last night, he grilled halibut and baked sweet potatoes. I also had a side of spinach to round off the meal. I found the recipe online and fully did not expect him to prepare it. I told him my plans for the evening meal (don't want to delay making that fish) so he wouldn't make anything else while I went to the gym. He got rained out of work yesterday morning and went surfing with a buddy. That was his workout for the day.

Anyhoo, the fish was delicious. I have never had halibut before and was very nervous about trying it. Fish is a new thing for me, you see. I have tried several different kinds, but the only one I like that I can ever remember the name of is Tilapia. I figured we would try something new. This "steak" was seasoned and served with a cold, corn relish on top. It was DELICIOUS.

Another reason for these meals is that Travis and I have both decided to eat healthier. Travis is trying to eat a more balanced diet, high in protein, since he has begun working out. I just want to cut back on my junk eating to be the healthiest Nikki I can be. It is a little easier to do now that Travis is on board with me. Yesterday, Travis began feeling the effects of his new diet. For some reason he is having random bouts of light-headedness. By the end of the day it was happening every time he stood up. We tried to weed out what is different in his life and came to the conclusion that it may be the whey protein he's been adding to his workout shakes. After looking it up, we found that a possible side effect of L-cysteine (found in the whey) is dizziness and headaches. He's going to stop the shakes for now and see if that helps. If it doesn't, then I'm forcing him to go to the doctor. Stubborn arse.


In other news, I cannot get over how much Callaway LOVES his new rawhide bone. He usually finishes his smaller bones off within a day. He has only chewed off one end so far. We don't let him have it at bedtime because his gnawing would keep us up all night. So every morning, and whenever we let him out of his kennel in the evening, he runs around the house with that bone in his mouth, tail a waggin, running into door jams because the darn thing is so huge. It's kind of cute actually.

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Alexa said...

OMG, did you actually just call Callaway cute!?!? LOL! When do we get a Travis meal? I want chef Travis to prepare us something! LOL...