Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More on Illi

The majority of my week was spent going from restaurant to restaurant eating out and iting with various friends and family. One night I went with my dad and Alex to the nearby park. It is so beautiful and serene there. My only scare was that the trails are all lined with poison ivy. Both my brother and I are severely allergic to poison ivy. Therefore, we spent the entire walk focused on our feet and getting our heads periodically whacked by branches from above.

Dad and Cody

Alex and I

A few days later I met my dad and Alex again for dinner at this awesome restaurant. They have the strangest food, but it was good and the wine was even better.

A walk on the University of Illinois Quad

We finished the evening off with some of the best frozen custard I've ever had in my entire life. That place reminds me of high school dates. That was a teenage date hotspot, at least it was when I was around. I am always so ready to eat out when I go home. There are so many restaurants there that we do not have here. I am pretty sure I gained at least five pounds while I was in Illinois. It always peeves me when I can't fit into my jeans...

PS - My 16-year-old brother bought his VERY FIRST CAR yesterday with my dad. It's a 1983 Mazda 626. I am so proud of him!!!

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