Monday, July 21, 2008

Nikki's Back in Town

Hellllooooo Bloggerland!!

I'm back in Texas and attempting to get back to normal life. I got back late Saturday, so I've had a little chance to recoop. Mondays are always a drag though. The drive to Illinois was mostly tolerable this round - I had books on CD to keep me awake. I am a little irritated that I never thought about this before. Time flew by for the most part. The worse was the last 6 hours, both ways. My neck and back were really beginning to ache. We are definitely FLYING to Illinois for Christmas this year. None of this driving crap.

The trip itself was great. I was sad to leave my friends and family behind in Illinois, but I was ready to come back to my friends and family here in Texas. They say home is where the heart is. My heart is in Illinois AND Texas. It's a little torn, I guess you could say.

Anyhoo, the first three nights, I stayed at Chrissie's house. That was wonderful because I had a chance to catch up with her and see the baby's room without a gazillion people peeking over my shoulder during the baby shower. The morning after I arrived, and before the party, we ran to get pedicures. Chrissie said it is getting more and more difficult every day to reach her feet. Teehee. Her friends Jaime (left) and Jenna (right) threw the shower for her. I went to high school with Jenna, but we didn't know each other very well. It was nice to finally "meet" her.

I made Chrissie a baby mobile and my mom and I went together on bath-themed shower gifts. You can see the frog from the mobile hanging behind my head in this photo:

Mi Madre

This is the first all-girl baby shower I've been to. Weird, I know. But they have all been co-ed. This time was fun because it was easier to ooh and aah over all the little baby girl things that she pulled out of the gift bags. This one really stood out - it's a tennis skirt and shirt in one!!! All together now "aaaaawwwww"!!!

And check out the hot-soon-to-be-momma!

We played baby games and ate lots of raspberry chocolate cake. The best part was when everyone left and we carried everything upstairs and organized it in the baby's room. They've decided to name her Audrey Claire. Jordan's family is French and they wanted to honor that. I can't wait to meet her. At the latest it will be at Christmas when Travis and I both get to go home and visit everyone. Chrissie wants to come down before then, WITH the baby, but we'll have to see how that goes. Traveling with a new baby might be too difficult!

Miss you Chrissie!!!

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