Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Food

Last night Travis and I had a bunch of people over for a BBQ. We bought an 8lb brisket at the grocery store and knew we would need some help eating it. I broke out the citronella torches and candle from the camping trip and we were still attacked by mosquitoes. Thank goodness for fragrance-free bug spray. It was a little weird because the mosquitoes were really small. There is a running joke around here that the mosquito is the state bird because they are so large. So the small ones were a little strange... We ate lots of food and I plan to finish off the pasta salad for lunch today. Mmmm.

Since my birthday is on Sunday, Shannon, Chris and Dylan brought over cupcakes and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Unfortunately, I only get to enjoy them for a day. I'm leaving first thing in the morning for the 17-hour drive to Illinois.

We have been fortunate enough to spend a lot more time than normal with our friends Jenna and Seth this summer. Their two children are still in Maryland for a few months. For some reason, all of my beautiful friends hate having their photo taken. So I'm pretty sure they are going to hate these photos, and me for posting them for the world to see. Oh well. =)

Seth, Jenna and Sara

Shannon and her son Dylan

Later in the evening, my husband and the guys tortured my dog. Here's the proof:

The guys played washers for a little while. Until Logan took over, that is...

Good bye for a week!

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