Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Stress

I am quickly becoming more and more stressed about a trip I have planned to Illinois. I always love going there. The hard part is the drive. I had originally planned to fly, but it became difficult when there was the possibility of Travis, Ariel and Robert going also. I kept waiting to buy the tickets in hopes that they would find out if they could get off work. I finally made the decision to drive. That way, if anyone could go last minute, they would still have the opportunity. Unfortunately, here I am three days from my departure and no one can go with me. That means I have to make the entire 17-hour drive on my own. I've done it before, so I know I can do it. But I also know that it is VERY hard. I have to hype myself up on NoDoz the whole trip so I don't pass out on the wheel. Sounds safe, huh? It's not that I'm tired because I am usually very well rested before the trip. It's more like hypnotism or being mesmerized by the road. There is this long stretch of road in Mississippi where the interstate splits, so it's just me and the trees and the blip-blip-blip of the dashed center line. That will put you to sleep quick. I can stay awake with the NoDoz, but I end up feeling sick by the time I reach my destination.

This time I have a better plan. I am going to get a bunch of books on CD to help keep me entertained and awake. I can spend the rest of the time listening to the radio and calling people up on the phone. That can be tricky in itself, since I don't get very good reception on part of the trip. Alexa recommended renting the books on CD from Cracker Barrel. I ran up there to see what they have and it looks like they have a few I would be interested in. I'm going back later this week to actually get them since you pay by the week. I am kind of excited about it.

The trip itself will be a little stressful, but it's fun stress. I am staying the first weekend at my friend Chrissie's house. She is having a baby shower the day after I get there. By staying there, I'll be able to help set everything up and clean up afterwards. Sunday is my birthday and we'll be running around meeting various family for lunch and dinner. Then for the beginning of the week, I'll be going back and forth between my mom and dad (they are divorced). I think at the end of the week I'm going up near Chicago to visit my extended family with my mom and brother. The only bummer here is that I'm leaving Saturday to come back to Texas and I don't want to add three hours onto my trip in ONE DAY. So, I'll have to drive up separately.

Stupid gas. It's going to be an expensive trip!

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