Friday, April 1, 2011

Aiden, sans nap

Our photo booth shots from Gatti Town:

We were laughing so hard during all these photos. I think we were all delirious by this point. Sara was on the verge of a panic attack, so it must have been going around.

Aiden just keeps making leaps and bounds. He learns new stuff everyday, stuff I don't even realize until he surprises me. For instance, when he takes a bath, he points at our loofahs and says "Daddy" (points to Travis' loofah) and "Mommy" (points to my loofah). He's so observant!

Lately he's been using "K", as in okay, instead of 'yes'. Sometimes it works:

"Aiden? Do you want to go outside?"


Sometimes it doesn't work:

"Aiden? Do you like your macaroni and cheese?"


For the past couple of weeks, Aiden has been saying "Ohreally. Ohreally. Ohreally." He doesn't say it like a question and I could never figure out what he was talking about. But then when he got up Saturday morning at Sara and JR's, I was picking him up out of his travel crib. He started saying it again, and it got more frantic, the farther from his crib he got. I put him back in his crib and said, "Show me Ohreally." He picks up Mr. Lion and says, "Ohreally." Like, DUH Mom.

I was sooooooo excited to have finally figured that one out! For the most part, I know all of Aiden's vocabulary. Occasionally he'll use a new word, but I can quickly figure out what he means, based on what we're doing. But he has been saying "Ohreally" all over the place lately, like in the car or when we're playing outside. These are not places where he's allowed to have Mr. Lion on a regular basis. We try to save him for bedtime only. Although he has been getting him and bringing him out to the living room after daycare lately. I guess he loves his Ohreally. And his soft blanket, and this new bear with a flower mane from Alexa... He likes soft stuff!

Aiden calls Callaway 'Wally'. Except he says it with a British accent, so it sounds like 'Wah-lay'.

Final story, with this post anyway... One night last week, Travis had a handful of Mardis Gras beads in his hands and he asked Aiden which one was the green one. Aiden pulled out the green beads. Then Travis asked which one is the red one. Aiden pulled out the red beads. This could have been shear coincidence. That said, he does know the difference between a red light and a green light. So maybe it wasn't a coincidence? I guess we need to repeat the experiment to see if we get similar results.


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Sara's Satire said...

hahaha...yes I was actually past the point of a panic attack - it wasn't pretty - I am just glad I was in the parking lot when it hit instead of being in a room full of people!
Aiden is so smart...I still cant get over his vocabulary! BRILLIANT!