Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brand New Human

Kenley Malia Yeager

March 30, 2011

4:25 pm

6 lbs, 10 oz


Linsey went in for her weekly OBGYN check up last Wednesday to find out she was already dilated to 4 centimeters. Her doctor told her to head over to the hospital for the delivery and to ask for the epidural as soon as she got there since this one was going to go quickly! She stopped at work on her way to tie up some loose ends, then headed to the hospital with Zach.

While she was at work, one of the girls (Michelle) handed her some lab bench diapers to sit on for the drive in case her water broke. I laughed so hard when she told me that. That is the lab equivalent to what the hospital put under me when they broke my water when I had Aiden.

I believe Linsey told me she got to the hospital around noon. She pushed about three times over the space of 15 minutes and out came Kenley! She spent two nights in the hospital, then Aiden and I went to meet the new addition to the family that afternoon.

I cannot believe how tiny she is. It's so funny how when you have a baby, you look at him and think, 'Wow, that came out of me?! He's huge!' But then once he grows into a monster toddler, you look at newborns like they are impossibly small. I mean, look at her in that swing!

Her middle name, Malia - pronounced like Maria, is a Hawaiian name meaning "calm and peaceful". It was Zach and Linsey's way to pay homage to her conception while they were on a child-free vacation.

Linsey's mom is staying with them for a week to help them transition at home with a new baby and a growing toddler. Zach's mom comes by frequently to help out with Luke. When we got to the Yeager's house on Friday, Luke was watching videos on YouTube with Linsey's mom. Aiden quickly joined in the fun.

We had a nice little visit. Linsey said she feels soooo much better than she did after she had Luke. She said all-in-all, it was a better experience than with Luke. The recovery is going quicker, Kenley is much more easy going than Luke was. I suppose those are both great things since they have to take care of Luke on top of this huge change. I can only hope that my next one will be easier than the last!


Sara's Satire said...

I can't tell you what its like the second time around as far as delivering. For me, it was a little more difficult - but that was because I was having a c-section, and there were things that I just suddenly remembered at the last minute that freaked me out - However, I can say that Landry was such an easy going baby - Logan was a GREAT baby, so I couldn't imagine getting that lucky twice...but Landry seemed to be even easier than Logan! Again, it seems like my recovery took a little longer the second time around - but again...I had a c-section and with Logan, he was in the hospital for the first week, which I think allowed me to heal faster... plus, with Landry not only did she come home with us, but I also had Logan to take care of, so I didn't exactly get the rest I needed. Looking back, I have been incredibly lucky to have such wonderful kids...but you learn SO MUCH with the first one, that I think it just makes the second one so much easier. You know what to expect, how to handle things, the importance of schedules and consistancy. I think when its easier on the parents, its easier on the baby...and first hand knowledge or raising a child makes things SO MUCH EASIER!
Congrats to the Yeagers...I love the name....It's beautiful, and so is she!

clarissa said...

i hear the 2nd one is easier b/c you already know what to expect from friends who just had their 2nd...but i dont know anything about it....we will be starting on the 1st one in a few months